Thanks to an infusion of energy and some great guidance by Randy McKinley of CMTC, there have been lots of changes going on here in “What?-Ville”.

Indeed – it is starting to look more and more like a village!

We have just finished installing some beautiful cabin-style offices on the factory floor – part of our effort to integrate processes at both the sales and manufacturing levels. Brand new super modular construction, the lucky employees moving to their own cabins include Andrea (Printing Department Manager) Marianne (Logistics Manager) and Rick (Warehouse Manager and Master of all Company Miscellanea). These creative new spaces are adorned with big windows, air conditioners and heaters, bright lighting and lots of natural light, too. Brand new shiny office furniture is on order – and with the freshly laid carpet already in place, we are moments away from making the transition…….. Can’t wait!

Other great improvements have included an updated phone system – now with phones in the right places – and not in the wrong places…. (Has anyone else ever outgrown their communications systems?) We also have lots of super fast server storage, are networked throughout thanks to our preferred supplier DELL computer, and have all the techy (and non-techy) bells and whistles (including a ships bell in the lobby to greet any guests that might wander our way into the depths of this Rancho Dominguez Village.)

Some major process changes over the last few months are now starting to deliver as promised….. A combined shipping department servicing both rental and sales shipments – and the same for our receiving department. This new blended formula now delivers a speedier and slicker service to our WILL CALL and delivery clients. No longer two companies under one roof – we are now one company offering two services…. with a single point of contact.

In looking back over the last 17 years, I might equate the growth of our business to often mimicking a “bad extension” to a home…… First you add a bedroom, then a bathroom, then blow out a few walls, and before you know it you are eating in the garage and have to walk thru a bedroom to get to the powder room. Well, we had certainly grown in some hazardous ways – but this thoughtful reconfiguring of the warehouse, the processes and the attitude towards production has us all feeling great.

Change is as good as a holiday.

Humble Beginnings circa 1997



Great times at What?-Ville 2014