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15 04, 2014

Details, Details, Details!

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At Sew What? and Rent What? DRAPES come and go, daily – even hourly – around here. Indeed that is what we do – we sew, prep, pack and ship drapes. Entertainment and Event Drapes to be specific. Drapes for rock concerts, for trade shows, for schools, for worship events and for theatre productions. Main stage drapes, austrian drapes, stage skirts, legs and borders, scrims, cycloramas and backdrops. you name it – we stitch then ship them. They leave us in hampers, boxes and bags – off to adorn.

However when it comes to rental inventory – we aren’t done there….. Shipping the order is just half of the project!. You have to get the drapes back! And that is where Marianne Lopez comes in and just shines as a traffic and inventory manager!


Our rental drapery contracts all vary tremendously – in both inventory content and length of time they are rented. Marianne manages the orders from the onset. Initially after the contract is confirmed and the inventory reserved Marianne instigates a full inventory investigation – to make sure that there are no potential hang-ups that might impact filling the order correctly and timely. Next it is shipping and freight coordination – which she has a handle on like no one we have ever met!

Once the order is pulled, inspected and prepped then it runs thru an RFID reader, as all the items in inventory are tagged and identifiable with a scanner RFID tag. This checks that the order is correct and that there are no quantity errors and from there the drapes head out to perform!

Marianne is then tracking each and every order that is out (as well as managing the new ones that are going out) to make sure that the returns are made timely back to us. Some of them she will coordinate with our van and driver, others with our preferred freight forwarders, and more yet with fedex. Some clients will even return the drapes to us as well at our facility here in Compton.

Keeping track of so many individual items and orders is a massive undertaking! With 5 sales associates writing up orders and rentals it certainly keeps Marianne on her toes! Managing the returns, identifying rental extensions, managing the inventory and substitutions in the system keeps our clients smiling.

Just today in fact we received such a nice client compliment, who said that ”Marianne is the reason that he keeps coming back to use our company.” How great is that!

Congratulations Marianne, we love having you on our team!

14 04, 2014

Custom Printing for your Tradeshow Booth is Both Beautiful and Effective!

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Digital Fabric Printing is seen everywhere you look today…from logo tradeshow booth backdrops to wide-format digital billboards. With a variety of materials and substrates to choose from, digital printing enables you to magnify photo quality images into stunning POS displays, and also into memorable conference and event drapes and banners, too.

Next Step_1

Adding an eye-catching customized digital tradeshow booth drape to your next show can also offer you many cost and time saving benefits. With the ease of digital media and communication, you can have remote control of both the design and the printing process. It also reduces proofing time from weeks to hours, thus accelerating design and product development. We are able to print directly from easily stored, transmitted, and transported computer files. This virtually eliminates the expense and time of screen printing preparation, and makes things extremely cost-effective for proof and short-run printing. And best of all, it permits total customization and personalization of your tradeshow design to be fantastically unique and completely unforgettable!

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Have Sew What? custom-print your logo or company design for your next trade show or convention, and you’ll see for yourself how exciting and effective this can be for your potential customers! Contact us online or by phone at 310-639-6000 for a specialized quote today.

11 04, 2014

Comprendiendo los efectos de la pintura UV de fondos pictóricos

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Como era de esperar, hay tendencias “calientes” en el mundo de telón personalizados y fondos escénicos, así como hay tendencias en moda. Algunos años, parece que todo el mundo quiere el romance de cortinas austriacas y guirnaldas dramáticos. Un año más, telones de fondo de técnica mixta son lo “in”. Este año, la adición de pintura UV sobre fondos pictóricos (ambos escenarios pintados a mano y telones de fondo con impresión digital) ha sido extremadamente popular.  Con esto en mente, nos pareció que le daría a nuestros lectores un poco más de información técnica para ayudar a la hora de considerar la adición de pintura UV a un telón de fondo

Pintura Ultravioleta (UV)

Normalmente, se utiliza Invisible Clear Coat pintura UV. Esto permite al pintor para pintar sobre una imagen existente (impresión digital o pintado). Bajo iluminación estándar, las imágenes subyacentes sean visibles. Bajo luz UV, una imagen (la imagen pintada con pintura Invisible Clear Coat UV) se hace visible y la imagen subyacente desaparece.

Invisible pintura UV Clear Coat está disponible en varios colores diferentes, lo que permite que las imágenes UV visible para ser un solo color (como el azul, rojo, amarillo o negro) o en varios colores.

Lámparas UV