Rental Pop-Up Dressing Rooms are all-inclusive portable kits that consist of an extremely easy-to-install 8’ x 8’ x 7’ industrial steel frame, opaque fabric walls and roof, hanging mirror, light and light fixture/clip, and rolling case.

This kit makes having a portable dressing room anywhere you desire as easy as 1-2-3, by coming right out of the box with all of the necessary accessories.


The pop-up dressing room is covered in flame retardant weather-resistant Roadura, which is black on the outside and white on the inside, making it suitable for backstage, soundstages, or in an outdoor capacity. There is also Velcro on the door to help enable privacy. The entire kit weighs only around 100 lbs and is easily transported and stored in a rolling case.

Benefits of using a Rental Pop-Up Dressing Room include:

  • PORTABLE: The easy-to-transport wheeled case includes everything you will need.
  • CONVENIENT: No tools are required to “pop-up” the frame, making set-up a snap.
  • VERSATILE: It is weather-resistant with flame-retardant Roadura, allowing you to use it both indoors or outdoors.
  • EASY-TO-SHIP: Sized to ship by most services including FedEx.

Add a professional, yet practical, element to your Rock and Roll event! Check out how easy Pop-Up Dressing Rooms are to set up and take down.

These versatile instant set-ups can be used for a quick change area backstage or even offstage at an outdoor venue, for a “decompression” area for the band in between song sets, or even as a private tech area for the lighting and audio crew to be able to set up their control boards. They’re ideal for use on concert tours or rock shows where additional privacy is desired. And recently, with the addition of a semi-opaque white fabric wall, these can also be used as exciting “Shadowboxes” as a special effect for part of the artist’s performance, too.