Sew What? is proud to be a distributor of curtain track for Automatic Devices Company. Automatic Devices Company (ADC) is one of the premier manufacturers of American-made theatrical curtain track systems, and the only brand that has won UL approval. ADC offers a number of track options, from lightweight to heavy duty, so there is sure to be a track system that meets your needs.

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ADC tracks are manufactured specifically for theatrical use. Each product is custom-made and is therefore given individualized attention. Curtain tracks are custom length and are for manual or motorized operation. They can be installed for straight, curved or serpentine operation.

There are several operating styles of curtain track:


Generally the most affordable option, walk-along track consists of track channel into which carriers are slotted. The curtain is then hung on the carriers. This allows you to operate the curtain(s) by grasping the edge of the curtain and walking with it to the side or center of the stage to open or close it.


With a cord-operated curtain track system, a system of cord and pulleys allows the operator to stand at one side of the stage and use the cord to open and close the curtain.


Used in conjunction with cord-operated curtain tracks, curtain machines automate the process, allowing the curtain to be opened and closed at a touch of a button on the machine or a remote control.

Within eleven different curtain track systems, there is sure to be one that meets your needs and your budget. We would be happy to review your project and help you choose just the right curtain track for your theatre.  There are also a handy track selector guide and various guides to track installation available on our website.