Do you exhibit at several trade shows each year, year after year? If so, you know what it is like to have to rent pipe and drape each time, either from the convention hall or from another company. It makes sense to rent when only doing one show a year, but for repeat exhibitors, purchasing is a great option.


There are several pipe and drape options to choose from. The easiest option is to purchase a 10’ x 10’ Single Booth Package. The packages include all of the hardware to create your booth – bases, uprights, and drape supports – along with Banjo Cloth drapery, as well as carry bags to store and transport your booth components. You have the choice between tall and short side walls as well as a choice of drapery color.

If the Single Booth Packages don’t quite fit your exhibit booth needs – perhaps your booth is larger than 10’ x 10’, or you want different drapery – you can also purchase hardware and drapes individually. Uprights are available in either fixed or adjustable lengths that extend up to 26’ high, while telescopic drape supports are offered in lengths of up to 16’. You can choose Banjo Cloth drapes or further customize your booth with custom drapery – choose from a wide range of fabric options or have your logo or other image digitally printed onto fabric.

There are also a number of accessory options available to further customize your exhibit booth, from shelf hangers to valance hangers. Download our Exhibit Supply Catalog to learn more about all of your options.

Pipe & Drape Questions? See our whitepaper:
Demystifying Exhibit Booths: Pipe and Drape Systems