Recently, we were excited to work with designers for English indie pop band, The XX, on a unique set design that was truly “out  of the box” (or perhaps I should say, “inside the box”).

With a desire to form an intimate space within the immense Park Avenue Armory, set designers utilized a system of truss frames to create a small box-like space within the building.  Within that space, the band played in the center, with the small audience lead through the dark into the space and then lining up against the fabric covered walls.

Custom-made by Sew What?, large panels of White Poly Muslin cover the top and side truss frames to create the box. At 10′ wide, Poly Muslin is ideal for projects such as this, as the wide width allows for minimal seams, and the fabric takes on lighting and projection well. Throughout the show, the interplay of white and colored lights and images adds to the audience experience.

The video above, produced by the New York Times, is a fascinating piece on this innovative show and delves further into the vision of the designers and the band in creating this unique show.  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.