There are many different ways to customize stage drapery to fit your design vision for the tour set design, but one of the best ways to really make the audience remember the show (and the band) is through the use of a custom digitally printed backdrop.

Here are just a few ideas when considering what type of image to feature on a digitally printed scenic backdrop.

The Artist’s or Band’s Name

Jason Ald_7

The audience won’t forget who they came to see when you feature the artist’s name, front and center, as shown above in this backdrop made for country music star Jason Aldean.  Adding some color and graphic elements makes the backdrop even more eye-catching and unique.

The Tour Name / Theme

Ken Ches_28

For each tour, designers for Kenny Chesney focus on a new theme – complete with digital backdrops highlighting new and exciting artwork.

Whether it’s the Poets and Pirates Tour of 2008 or the Goin’ Coastal 2011 Tour, faithful fans will be delighted year after year.

Repeated Graphic Elements

She Cro_2

Another option is to move away from literal images and feature graphic elements instead.  Designers for Sheryl Crow choose this eye-catching design of repeating circles to make the set pop.

She Cro_1

By using a seemingly simple graphic design, but backlighting the backdrop with different colored lights, the design changes throughout the show.

These are just three of the many different directions you can go with a custom digitally printed backdrop.  The great thing is, when you (or your graphic artist) create the artwork, the only limit is your imagination!