Like everyone designing the set for a music tour or the decor for a special event, you want your design to be unique, to “stand out from the crowd,” right? But you wonder how you can do that, especially if your budget is tight, and you question how “unique” the design will be using rental drapery.  The fact is, there are many ways to personalize and customize rental stage drapery. Let me show you just a few examples of ways in which it can be done.

SS_Jennifer Hudson 15

One of the most popular choices in our rental drapery inventory is our Silver Satin Drapery Collection, in large part because it is such an easy fabric to personalize and customize.  The silver satin lights beautifully,  giving you the ability to make the swags appear to be almost any color you choose, by virtue of colored lighting, and there are a number of different drapery styles to choose from, including Austrians, Legs, and much more.  Take a look at the way three different designers used Silver Satin Swags along with other drapery pieces from the Silver Satin Collection.

Jennifer Hudson Tour

The choice to hang large Silver Satin Swags so that they nearly touch the ground, plus the addition of an Austrian Curtain just barely seen peeking out from behind, makes for a dramatic design.  Utilizing a variety of colored lights allowed for many different looks throughout the show – orange for one song (as shown below), purple for another, and on and on.

SS_Jennifer Hudson 14

Church Christmas Production

Hanging the same large Silver Satin Swags higher makes the Silver Satin Austrian the star of the show, and the leg drapes, blue lighting, snowflake props, and video screen evoke the feeling of the holidays.

El Portal Theatre Dance Production

This time, the swags stand on their own – no Austrian Curtain behind, just simple pleated legs to hide backstage. Lighting the swags in a variety of colors complements the dance performance perfectly.

SS_Kristi McQuaid dance collage 2

As you can see, there are many ways to make design uniquely your own by personalizing rental stage drapery. Imagine combining drapery from the Rockin’ Red and Silver Satin collections, or from the Industrial Textures and Timeless and Traditional collections, and so on.  The possibilities are nearly endless!