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Monthly Archives: April 2014

30 04, 2014

Sew What? and Rent What? Press Rooms – A Wealth of Information and Inspiration!

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Every now and then, I like to go through our company websites from the perspective of a new visitor – to try to get a fresh sense of the information that we offer to website visitors. Recently, while doing so, I concentrated on our company press room. I was astonished at the incredible amount of information and inspiration that is available by reading through the news in the Press Room.


It really is amazing just how much information is in the Press Rooms! While Recent News focuses on 2013 and 2014, the News Archive for Sew What? goes back nine years, to 2005. Between the two companies, there are more than 100 news items posted online!


Designing a tour set or special event decor? With news that showcases a wide variety of projects, from music tour projects for Jennifer Hudson to Black Sabbath to the Cranberries, and many more, and special event projects including major car shows and fashion shows, there is sure to be something to inspire you.

Interested in entrepreneurship, running a small business, and the like? Our Press Rooms also include news that focuses on the challenges and triumphs of running a small business, the use of technology in small business, and much more.

There really is something for (almost) everyone in the Sew What? and Rent What? News Rooms!

28 04, 2014

Create a Private and Portable Space for Concerts and Tours

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Rental Pop-Up Dressing Rooms are all-inclusive portable kits that consist of an extremely easy-to-install 8’ x 8’ x 7’ industrial steel frame, opaque fabric walls and roof, hanging mirror, light and light fixture/clip, and rolling case.

This kit makes having a portable dressing room anywhere you desire as easy as 1-2-3, by coming right out of the box with all of the necessary accessories.


The pop-up dressing room is covered in flame retardant weather-resistant Roadura, which is black on the outside and white on the inside, making it suitable for backstage, soundstages, or in an outdoor capacity. There is also Velcro on the door to help enable privacy. The entire kit weighs only around 100 lbs and is easily transported and stored in a rolling case.

Benefits of using a Rental Pop-Up Dressing Room include:

  • PORTABLE: The easy-to-transport wheeled case includes everything you will need.
  • CONVENIENT: No tools are required to “pop-up” the frame, making set-up a snap.
  • VERSATILE: It is weather-resistant with flame-retardant Roadura, allowing you to use it both indoors or outdoors.
  • EASY-TO-SHIP: Sized to ship by most services including FedEx.

Add a professional, yet practical, element to your Rock and Roll event! Check out how easy Pop-Up Dressing Rooms are to set up and take down.

These versatile instant set-ups can be used for a quick change area backstage or even offstage at an outdoor venue, for a “decompression” area for the band in between song sets, or even as a private tech area for the lighting and audio crew to be able to set up their control boards. They’re ideal for use on concert tours or rock shows where additional privacy is desired. And recently, with the addition of a semi-opaque white fabric wall, these can also be used as exciting “Shadowboxes” as a special effect for part of the artist’s performance, too.


22 04, 2014

Need Curtain Track for Your Theatre?

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Sew What? is proud to be a distributor of curtain track for Automatic Devices Company. Automatic Devices Company (ADC) is one of the premier manufacturers of American-made theatrical curtain track systems, and the only brand that has won UL approval. ADC offers a number of track options, from lightweight to heavy duty, so there is sure to be a track system that meets your needs.

ADC Image_2

ADC tracks are manufactured specifically for theatrical use. Each product is custom-made and is therefore given individualized attention. Curtain tracks are custom length and are for manual or motorized operation. They can be installed for straight, curved or serpentine operation.

There are several operating styles of curtain track:


Generally the most affordable option, walk-along track consists of track channel into which carriers are slotted. The curtain is then hung on the carriers. This allows you to operate the curtain(s) by grasping the edge of the curtain and walking with it to the side or center of the stage to open or close it.


With a cord-operated curtain track system, a system of cord and pulleys allows the operator to stand at one side of the stage and use the cord to open and close the curtain.


Used in conjunction with cord-operated curtain tracks, curtain machines automate the process, allowing the curtain to be opened and closed at a touch of a button on the machine or a remote control.

Within eleven different curtain track systems, there is sure to be one that meets your needs and your budget. We would be happy to review your project and help you choose just the right curtain track for your theatre.  There are also a handy track selector guide and various guides to track installation available on our website.

21 04, 2014

Tired of Renting Your Exhibit Booth for Each Trade Show?

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Do you exhibit at several trade shows each year, year after year? If so, you know what it is like to have to rent pipe and drape each time, either from the convention hall or from another company. It makes sense to rent when only doing one show a year, but for repeat exhibitors, purchasing is a great option.


There are several pipe and drape options to choose from. The easiest option is to purchase a 10’ x 10’ Single Booth Package. The packages include all of the hardware to create your booth – bases, uprights, and drape supports – along with Banjo Cloth drapery, as well as carry bags to store and transport your booth components. You have the choice between tall and short side walls as well as a choice of drapery color.

If the Single Booth Packages don’t quite fit your exhibit booth needs – perhaps your booth is larger than 10’ x 10’, or you want different drapery – you can also purchase hardware and drapes individually. Uprights are available in either fixed or adjustable lengths that extend up to 26’ high, while telescopic drape supports are offered in lengths of up to 16’. You can choose Banjo Cloth drapes or further customize your booth with custom drapery – choose from a wide range of fabric options or have your logo or other image digitally printed onto fabric.

There are also a number of accessory options available to further customize your exhibit booth, from shelf hangers to valance hangers. Download our Exhibit Supply Catalog to learn more about all of your options.

Pipe & Drape Questions? See our whitepaper:
Demystifying Exhibit Booths: Pipe and Drape Systems

16 04, 2014

Proper Storage of Your Stage and Event Drapes Will Keep Them Looking Great for Years to Come

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So, you have just purchased beautiful new custom stage or event drapes. If your drapes will spend most of their time hanging, such as a Grand Drape in a theatre, you don’t have to worry about storing the drapes (just periodic maintenance).

But what about those drapes that are used periodically and then stored between shows or events? How do you keep them dust free and looking good for the next performance? Plan ahead to ensure that you have the best storage solution available to protect your drapes.

Most importantly – never store your drapery in plastic bags. Plastic bags trap moisture, resulting in the potential for mold and mildew on your drapes. Even those drapes that feel dry to the touch may have underlying dampness due to humidity. Instead, choose a “breathable” storage solution.


Storage Hampers

Durable canvas and steel storage hampers are a great solution for drapery storage. The canvas “breathes,” preventing moisture from accumulating, and the heavy-duty caster wheels and lockable lid allow the hamper to be moved from stage to storage area with ease. Hampers are especially great for music tours and other traveling shows, as they make it easy to take your drapes from venue to venue.


Drapery Bags

Rather than using plastic bags, choose a non-woven polyester drapery bag to store your drapes. As with canvas hampers, these drapery bags allow air circulation.  With a drawstring closure and plastic exterior sleeve to hold a contents label, these bags help keep drapes in great condition.

At Sew What?, it’s important to us to help our customers keep their custom drapery in great condition, and so we include complimentary drapery storage bags with all drapery orders (we also offer these bags for purchase for customers who need them for their existing drapery inventory). As a hamper stocking supplier, we also offer 20-bushel storage hampers at a very affordable rate.

As you can imagine, with our rental drapery inventory coming in and out of the building constantly, it is imperative that Rent What? store its drapery properly to keep it in good condition for the next rental order.  We use both drapery bags and storage hampers to protect rental drapes. Drapes are inspected, folded, and placed in drapery bags, then stored either on shelves or, in the case of larger drapes, in storage hampers. Depending on the specifications of a rental order, we may ship bags of drapes in boxes or place several bags of drapes within a storage hamper for shipping.