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Monthly Archives: March 2014

12 03, 2014

Achieve Movement On Stage with Stage Drapery

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Often, when thinking about stage drapes, we consider them a static element of the stage design – hanging in one place in a fixed position. But if you think about it, stage curtains are anything but static! They are actually one of the most dynamic parts of the stage design.

Stage curtains can move horizontally through the use of traveler track. Think about a pair of Grand Drapes, parting in the center and stacking on either side. Or a Masking Drape, sliding along traveler track in a single direction to be stacked on the side of the stage.


This custom Bi-Parting Grand Drape manufactured for Gridworks for Princess Cruise’s ship Queen Victoria hangs on traveler track and moves from the center to stack on each side.

Lift systems, solenoid systems, and sniffer systems enable stage curtains to move vertically. Imagine the beauty and drama of an Austrian Drape as it slowly raises, its repeated swags disappearing into the air to reveal the scene behind. Or a Venetian Curtain, in which deep swags lift and lower at different points to create a view that is evolving and changing as you watch. This is a lift system in action.

This Austrian Curtain raises and lowers through the use of a lift system.

Consider the drama of a massive digital backdrop suddenly dropping to the floor and out of sight, the whole process taking just seconds, thanks to the magic of solenoids. Or the surprise of a sniffer gag – a delicate kabuki drape hanging from the ceiling on a solenoid system. In an instant, the solenoids and sniffer system are fired, and the drape is whisked upwards and out of sight into a sniffer tube.

A Sniffer Drape, along with solenoid kabuki system and sniffer system, definitely adds a “wow” factor to a show.

So, when planning the action on stage, don’t forget to factor in the excitement and drama that stage drapery can add to that action!

11 03, 2014

Fabric Chandeliers Can Add Visual Interest to Your Stage or Event Design

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Sometimes a plain white cyc or even a textured backdrop won’t cut it for the overall design and feel of a production, but budget always seems to be the crux in the creative mojo for any Lighting Designer.  As part of its “Oh So Swanky” collection, Rent What? has a great lighting ‘accessory’ to give your stage depth and add a little pizzaz that will make ANY show that much more memorable. In a world where society is begging for variety, options, and top notch entertainment, where does one turn for some exciting ‘cheap thrills’ that will ‘light up your life’ on a dime?

Introducing- the Fabric Chandelier.


Fabric Chandeliers look beautiful right out of the box, as shown in this photo.

What’s magical about this 8’ tall chandelier is that it’s incredibly diverse. While it is beautiful on its own, it also lends itself to endless customization possibilities.  Whether you’re a special event planner wanting to bling it out with crystal beading for a posh soiree, a metal band needing a goth look with shards of mylar in haphazard strands to symbolize the melancholy mess of an angry broken heart, or a purist designer who just wants a little more soft texture on the stage play with, these chandeliers complement any set, any mood, any music, in any moment.


This photo shows one of many ways that Fabric Chandeliers can be customized to fit nearly any design theme.

Super bonus for productions big and small- these chandeliers take on lighting from ANY angle, including internally thanks to a 3 1/2” inner-diameter support ring. Their industrial construction with IFR materials makes them road worthy and Fire Marshal friendly.

Fabric Chandeliers are like an emotional/visual chameleon to reinforce an overall mood and bring a new dimension to the stage design that can be easily ‘customized’ for different legs or shows of a tour. They question is:  How can you incorporate these into your next production design and make them tailored to your original imagination?

The possibilities are truly endless!

10 03, 2014

Create an exclusive feel at your next event with a Shadow Box kit!

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Special Event and Party Planners— have you been looking for a new stage design that will help make your next big event captivating, exciting, and thoroughly entertaining? Try one of Rent What?’s exclusive new Shadow Box kits to make your event the one everyone will be talking about tomorrow!


Event design companies like Champagne Creative Group have been using these extremely popular rental Shadow Box kits at their parties and special events, and have knocked the socks off their crowd time and time again. These all-inclusive kits set up in a snap, are very affordable, and are easy and safe to transport via freight forwarder, Fed Ex, or even the back of your own truck.

POP_Kit Case Outside

It’s easy to add some playful animation to any sort of party or event—and is great fun for people of all ages. The sky’s the limit with how you can utilize these kits to fit your party’s own special theme! Give your audience something spectacular that they’ve never seen before with a rental Shadow Box kit from Rent What?


5 03, 2014

Layering Silver Satin Makes Your Stage Design Truly Spectacular

By |March 5th, 2014|Clients, Fabrics, Products|2 Comments

Attention to all Concert Stage Designers who have an eye for something spectacular! Our Silver Satin Collection of rental stage drapes all layer beautifully with one another to help create an exclusive and dazzling look for all of your rock and roll needs. Because they are so versatile and eclectic, they can be layered with drapes from ALL of Rent What?’s varied and dynamic drape collections too.

SS_Cranberries 1

The Cranberries were able to recently utilize our Silver Satin Swags, Swagettes, and Legs on their tour, but made it even more breathtaking by complimenting the look by layering them all in front of our Low-Tech White Voile LED Drapes, too. As you can see, the lights shine beautifully through the material, creating an extremely textured and vibrant stage design that helped create the exact look they were going for in each section of their concert.

SS_Cranberries 4

Next time you are interested in something completely original, consider renting a drape from our shimmery Silver Satin Collection to make your stage design truly remarkable. Have a unique set-up? Contact a Sew What? representative to get information on custom-designed stage drapes for your next concert event.

3 03, 2014

Finding Inspiration through Creative Use of Materials and Color

By |March 3rd, 2014|News|1 Comment

Finding inspiration all over the world is an exciting thing to do nowadays with the onset of the internet, 24hour television programming, and an increased awareness and appreciation of art of all types and styles. On the Lehmann Maupin website, we recently came across an article featuring this amazing art display from renowned installation artist Do Ho Suh, in which he used hand sewn sheer chiffons to create a breathtaking display of how he sees “home”—his modern, American house actually enveloping his traditional, South Korean house, and yet how they can both be seen together at the same time.


Being shown at the historic opening of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea, this Suh’s work represents how creative use of fabrics can be used to illicit a feel, a mood, a temperament, and of course, a style to any situation.


We absolutely love seeing this creative use of fabric, color, opacity, and material help an artist showcase his vision, and so we had to share it with our readers.