So often we settle into a job and a job description……… and then that is what we do… day in and day out.  It’s an easy trap. I have myself been guilty of it more than once in my career. We find something that we do well – but as tasks often expand to fill the time provided, the opportunity or motivation to add “more or varied” tasks voluntarily to our job description doesn’t often take priority.

So this is a short but mighty shout out to our one and only RICK GARCIA. You see he is a master of so many trades and has been here with us now for 8 years. Hired initially as our receptionist back in 2006, Rick has proved again and again that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to mastering new skills. In his current position, he manages the warehousing departments here at Sew What? / Rent What? and is integral in the coordination and day to day of the many processes that we have.

Software – hardware – warehousing – inventory – staff culture – processes – maintenance – and management……. he does it ALL.  And with a smile.

But recently Rick took on a new project – and has blown us all out of the water with his mad skills…… You see he put together a marketing video for us – to showcase some of our products. Not just one video – but now 4 videos! And there are more on the horizon…..!

Turns out that Rick has some serious skills when it comes to editing and compiling content. He took stills, videos, archived information and newly researched data – text and animations, and audio to cap it all off. We are SO excited to showcase these wonderful new videos – thanks to Rick.

Enjoy our Products video – so expertly compiled and prepared by Rick -…… 


Thanks Rick – you Rock.