This morning, I happened to be on our websites and on a whim decided to check out  the Sew What? Portfolio and the Rent What? Portfolio. Of course, I have looked at our portfolios many times over the years, but as it has been awhile since I last checked them out, it seemed like I saw them with fresh eyes.


They brought back a lot of memories about the various projects we have worked on over the last 17+ years, and also made me realize how inspirational the portfolios can be to tour designers, special event coordinators, and others trying to get ideas on how to use stage and special event drapery to enhance their design.

While on the portfolios, the projects featured may be specific to a certain type of event (such as a Rock and Roll tour), in reality, designers of any type of show or event can find inspiration in any of the portfolios. A project in our portfolio that was originally created for or used in a theatre, for example, could inspire a Rock and Roll tour designer to choose similar stage drapery for their tour set design.

A couple of projects in particular struck my eye as being not only examples of beautiful and unique stage drapery, but also examples of “crossover” design.

In the Sew What? Rock and Roll Portfolio, we feature an amazing custom band backdrop (see photo above) created for the tour of major recording artist Josh Groban. Featuring hundreds of fabric squares in shades of white, ivory and silver, this shimmery backdrop has amazing movement and texture. Why not consider a backdrop like this for a luxurious look at a wedding, charity gala, or other special event?

In the Rent What? Portfolio, components from the Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection, including swagged headers, legs, and borders, are used to set the stage at the Pinnacle Awards. This beautiful and versatile drapery collection would be a stunning addition to the design of a music tour set or a dance performance.

These are just two projects from the many featured in our portfolios. So, if you are in the midst of designing your theatre, music tour set, or special event décor, take a look at our portfolios –you are sure to be inspired!