Having exactly the right material for your special event’s stage design can be critical to its overall success. Picking the material and style of drape that will work best for your event is well worth a little extra research, and that is exactly what our representatives are here for!


A fantastic example of choosing the perfect material for your event is the reveal launch of the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Airplane. With a huge live audience of hundreds of guests and dignitaries, as well as thousands watching live online, this reveal needed to go off without a hitch. Our client used one of our extremely strong and completely reliable Kabuki Systems, and needed to be sure they had a drape that would fall beautifully and robustly, so the material of the drape needed to be spot-on. They chose 60’h x 225’w of our Black Masking rental drapes, which you can see fell cleanly and neatly, producing a breathtaking and sensational reveal for everyone watching.

With so many different fabrics and substrates to choose from, it can sometimes become a little confusing and overwhelming to feel like you’re picking the right one. Let a representative help you figure out which material and style of drape will make YOUR special event absolutely spectacular!