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Monthly Archives: January 2014

20 01, 2014

Are You Planning the Decor for a Large Scale Special Event?

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Perhaps you have determined the mood you want to create, such as one of fantasy and romance for a high end wedding reception or charity ball, but you want something a little different, something that hasn’t been done a lot. Why not use an Austrian Curtain to set the scene?


 DW_Ivory Satin Aust color 3

Once used almost exclusively in theatres, today designers across the spectrum, from music concert set designers to high end event planners, are discovering the versatility of these gorgeous drapes. You can choose an operating Austrian Curtain, along with a lift system, to allow you to lift the curtain to reveal a scene behind, or choose a non-operable Austrian Curtain to serve purely as a beautiful backdrop.

Custom Austrian Curtains can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and colors, to add to your event decor inventory, while rental Austrian Curtains are also available if you need one for a single event only.

15 01, 2014

Are You Looking For A Dramatic Backdrop to Your Tour Lighting Design?

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Traditionally, tour lighting designers who wanted to project a lighting design have chosen a projection screen or a fabric backdrop. But what if you are looking for something a little different, something that adds texture to the mix and really highlights your talent as a lighting designer?

The Decemberists with Whimsical Stage Backdrop and Cyc

A Metal Mesh Backdrop is a dynamic option that can take your design to the next level. Made of a silver/grey flexible aluminum mesh, the backdrops have an organic crushed appearance that enhances projected lights.  Consider using them on their own, or in conjunction with a projection screen or fabric backdrop for a variety of textures.

Want to see more photos of Metal Mesh Backdrops in action?  Check out our set on Flickr.


14 01, 2014

Create Drama and Flair Easily with a Shadowbox

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Head’s up, stage designers near and far! Are you getting ready for your upcoming concert tour season to swing into full gear? Want to create a special design look for your band or artist that will make a huge impact on your audience?

Look no further! Add a clever and versatile Shadowbox to your stage design, and you will add excitement and drama to your show in a flash! With a privacy flap included, these Shadowboxes can be used in between performances as a Portable Pop-Up Dressing Room, a tech enclosure, or ANYTHING else you can think of where you need some private space—indoors or out.

10 01, 2014

Reflexionando en 2013 y en espera de 2014

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Es difícil de creer, pero 2013 ha terminado, y con la temporada navideña llegó el momento para reflexionar sobre el año pasado.

Celebramos el año pasado nuestro 16 aniversario en el negocio como Sew What? Desde los primeros días de vuelta en el garaje, cortar la tela en las tablas del suelo de roble y quitando la cena de la mesa para hacer espacio para la máquina de coser de hecho, hemos recorrido un largo camino. Con nosotros tantas caras conocidas-empleados del comienzo y los clientes y proveedores por igual. Por ese solo hecho estamos en deuda con los que nos rodean, que nos han ayudado a crecer y nos apoyó a través de nuestras muchas etapas. Calle Madison en un acogedor espacio de 800 pies cuadrados, Vermont ave. en un funcional 6.000 pies cuadrados, y aquí en la calle Gladwick en nuestro propio 15.000 pies cuadrados de lujo y expresión concreta a los que se han trasladado con nosotros a través de los años … ¡Gracias!

Ha habido una gran energía entre el recién rebautizado “Whatter’s?, Como lo hemos hecho grandes avances para mezclar nuestros procesos de venta y alquiler. Rent What? Ha pasado de ser una empresa independiente para una que está más integrada en la Familia Sew What? Estamos muy agradecidos a aquellos c