Picture this. The audience has filed into the theatre or arena, excitedly waiting for the show to start. They look at the stage and see only a backdrop. Their curiosity builds – what is behind that backdrop? Suddenly, the lights dim, the music builds and BAM! The backdrop suddenly disappears to reveal the band behind.


Bri Set_3

What is this piece of stage magic? It’s a Kabuki – a combination of an easy-to-install kabuki solenoid system and a kabuki backdrop. Solenoid heads are attached to a truss, connected together with cables, and then connected to a controller. The backdrop is then hung from the solenoid heads via removable D-rings attached to the top of the backdrop with Velcro. When it is time to reveal the band, the solenoids are “fired,” which releases the D-rings so that the backdrop quickly drops to the stage floor.


The sky’s the limit for the backdrop – perhaps a custom digitally printed scenic backdrop, or a simple black rental backdrop, or even a white poly silk backdrop that tantalizes the audience with a shadow effect (as shown above) – and with the availability of rental solenoid systems, a kabuki is a gag that works for nearly any tour design.