Perhaps you have determined the mood you want to create, such as one of fantasy and romance for a high end wedding reception or charity ball, but you want something a little different, something that hasn’t been done a lot. Why not use an Austrian Curtain to set the scene?


 DW_Ivory Satin Aust color 3

Once used almost exclusively in theatres, today designers across the spectrum, from music concert set designers to high end event planners, are discovering the versatility of these gorgeous drapes. You can choose an operating Austrian Curtain, along with a lift system, to allow you to lift the curtain to reveal a scene behind, or choose a non-operable Austrian Curtain to serve purely as a beautiful backdrop.

Custom Austrian Curtains can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and colors, to add to your event decor inventory, while rental Austrian Curtains are also available if you need one for a single event only.