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29 01, 2014

To Repair, Replace, or Re-Flameproof Your Theatrical Drapery

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Is the drapery in your theatre starting to look dingy or dirty?  Are you concerned that the drapes may no longer be flame retardant? Are you confused as to whether to repair, replace, or re-treat your drapes? Here are a few quick tricks……… tricks of the “drapery-trade” that is.

In order to make the best decision regarding your drapery maintenance, there are a few questions you need to answer…..

1) Gather together all the dimensions of the various items, including whether or not they are flat or pleated with fullness.

2) What type of textile is it? Cotton, Polyester or Nylon?

3) Are the drapes dirty – do they need washing?

4) When were the drapes made? Are they over a year old?

SO – what does all that mean – and why does it matter?

1) Gather together all the dimensions of the various items, including whether or not they are flat or pleated with fullness.

Here is a great place to start! Get a quote to replace your drapes. This will come in handy as you begin looking at the bigger picture of repairing, washing, re-flameproofing or replacing. Supply all the required info in order to get a real “apples to apples” comparison for replacement costs. Consider all the costs, such as shipping and taxes that might be applicable – that is your ground zero as a price point comparison.

2) What type of textile is it? Cotton, Polyester or Nylon?

Cottons can fade – so doing a repair, a wash or a retreat of FR can be problematic.  If you need to replace or patch large areas of drape, you will more than likely see the color variance with a cotton.

Polyester washes well, doesn’t fade and is fairly easy to re-treat, dries nicely and doesn’t spot too much. Poly textiles are good candidates for repairing and retreating. Many of the poly weaves and velours make super durable draperies and some are even Inherently Flame Retardant.

Beware of Nylon drapes – while they may have been treated initially, if they are washed the topical treatment will be immediately stripped. Many nylons can’t be effectively treated. Often with a nylon you might find you have to trash it and start over.

3) Are the drapes dirty – do they need washing?

Spot cleaning can be viable sometimes – but be cautious, as many cleaning products are flammable and will impact the flame retardancy. Overall washing is only viable for polyesters – as cottons will shrink drastically and won’t fit in height or width upon return to you. As mentioned earlier, nylons are usually a no go for washing as you can’t effectively re-spray them for FR.

Bear in mind – once you wash a drape ($), you usually will then have to retreat it for flame retardancy as well ($$). With our rental inventory, we usually only wash white drapes that are poly and made of IFR materials – so that we know for the most part they will need only washing and won’t need to be retreated. We test ALL items after washing to make sure they pass the FR requirements. You should do the same thing, too!

Ask the supplier for a quote to include washing, flameproofing as applicable and also any taxes or service fees for pick ups and return of your drapes. Be sure to get a firm time frame too.

4) When were the drapes made? Are they over a year old?

Most venues or Fire Marshals are looking for certificates that are dated within the last 12 months – so even with an “Inherently Fire Retardant” fabric that is hypothetically flame retardant for the life of the fabric – they may still be looking for an up to date certificate. SO – if your drapes are old – you might want to get a quote for testing (a NFPA705 field test) and from there you can decide, based on whether they pass or fail, whether you want to pay to retreat them or not. Heads up – it can cost AS MUCH to retreat certain items as to replace them!

The FR treatment facility will need to know specific information on the drapery– sizes, fullness, number of pieces and fabric content, as well as your time frame. Beware of rush fees.  As you have to have “drying time” when items are being sprayed topically, it’s hard to retreat “quickly”.

Last but not least – compare costs and finished product with your available time frame and budget. Much like patching a pair of jeans – repairing tears and holes in drapes can leave you looking a little bit scrappy – so just be sure you are going to be happy with the finished product.


28 01, 2014

Evoke the Feeling of Old Hollywood in your Tour Set Design with Glamorous Stage Drapery in Rich Red Tones

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As you create the set design for the next tour, do you find that your first thought is “what kind of mood do I want my design to evoke?” Depending on the artist and the theme of the tour, you may decide that mood should be industrial or romantic or whimsical or quirky, just to name a few. If your design vision calls for a feeling of glamour, suggestive of “Old Hollywood,” the right stage drapery can go a long way to achieving that vision. And what better color to symbolize glamour and romance than red?

TT_Monsters of Folk Burg Venetian 9

Rent What? offers a number of rental specialty drapery options in shades of red in the Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection, so there is sure to be something that fits your vision. Consider a Burgundy Velour Contour Drape, like the one shown above during a Monsters of Folk show, or a Red Satin Austrian Drape like the one used below at the Pollstar Awards. Other available rental drapery styles include Swags, Traveler Drapes, Borders, Legs, and much more.

RR_Pollstar Red Aust 5

Want something a little different, perhaps a different size, fabric or drapery style? Custom-sewn drapery options are also available for purchase.

27 01, 2014

Event Planners…Wow Your Guests with Unique Mesh Drapes

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Event Planners— looking for ways to really spice up your next special event or program? How about adding some simple, lightweight, easy-to-install, and exceptionally unique Metal Mesh Drapes to the decor of your next event! Even by adding just a few panels of these incredibly dramatic and distinctive drapes to your special event, you will notice the HUGE impact these can have on what might be an otherwise simple decor.

INDTEX_Brantley mesh 1

One of our clients Brantley Sound Associates recently added some of these gorgeous and versatile rental mesh drapes to their stage design at the BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards program at Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee. Creatively designed by Cody Heimann, dramatically lit by Josh Fieldhouse, and photographed beautifully by Chris Demonbreun, you can see how adding a few of these fantastic metal mesh drapes can really help add some excitement to any set up you might have, and give your special event a truly original feel.

INDTEX_Brantley mesh 2

Contact a representative to get more information on how you can WOW the audience at your next special event, too! Custom-sewn metal mesh drapes are also available for purchase.

22 01, 2014

Attention Dance Companies! Do You Need More Dressing Room Space?

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As you travel throughout the country, stopping for a night or two in different towns for each performance, do you find yourself sometimes struggling with the backstage limitations of the local venues? While some may have ample dressing room space, we all know that some do not! Rental portable dressing rooms are the ideal solution.


These pop-up dressing rooms are quick to put up and include everything you need, including an overlapping door, light and mirror, all in one rolling case. With an opaque black exterior, these dressing rooms are nearly invisible to the audience (even if limited space requires they be located close to the wings), while the white interior and included light allows for a bright and usable space.


21 01, 2014

Thrill the Audience by Revealing the Band with a Kabuki Drop!

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Picture this. The audience has filed into the theatre or arena, excitedly waiting for the show to start. They look at the stage and see only a backdrop. Their curiosity builds – what is behind that backdrop? Suddenly, the lights dim, the music builds and BAM! The backdrop suddenly disappears to reveal the band behind.


Bri Set_3

What is this piece of stage magic? It’s a Kabuki – a combination of an easy-to-install kabuki solenoid system and a kabuki backdrop. Solenoid heads are attached to a truss, connected together with cables, and then connected to a controller. The backdrop is then hung from the solenoid heads via removable D-rings attached to the top of the backdrop with Velcro. When it is time to reveal the band, the solenoids are “fired,” which releases the D-rings so that the backdrop quickly drops to the stage floor.


The sky’s the limit for the backdrop – perhaps a custom digitally printed scenic backdrop, or a simple black rental backdrop, or even a white poly silk backdrop that tantalizes the audience with a shadow effect (as shown above) – and with the availability of rental solenoid systems, a kabuki is a gag that works for nearly any tour design.