It’s hard to believe, but 2013 nears its close, and with the holiday season comes time to reflect on the year past.

We celebrated this year our 16th anniversary in business as Sew What? From those early days back in the garage, cutting fabric on the oak floorboards and shuffling the dinner off the table to make room for the sewing machine – indeed we have come a very long way. With us are so many familiar faces – employees from the onset and clients and vendors alike. For that fact alone we are indebted to those around us who have helped us grow and supported us through our many stages. Madison Street in a cozy 800 sq ft space, Vermont Avenue in a functional 6000 sq ft, and here on Gladwick Street in our very own luxurious and practical 15,000 sq ft. To those who have moved with us through the years…. thank you!

There has been great energy amongst the newly renamed “Whatter’s?, as we have made great strides to blend our sales and rental processes. Rent What? has transitioned from a standalone corporation to one that is more integrated within the Sew What? family. We are so thankful to those clients who have embraced our “duality” and now enjoy both our rental experience as well as our better known custom sales experience.

Our seasonal giving follows our annual philanthropic tradition. I know that many of you have been touched by cancer, either yourself, or your family and friends, just as I have been. In honor of my mother Delice whom we lost last year, and all those affected by cancer, we have made a donation to support cancer research with the American Cancer Society. We hope that our gift will make a difference in the future lives of those diagnosed with cancer.

All of us here look forward to the New Year, and all the challenging and interesting projects that are to come. We wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and a successful 2014!

American Cancer Society