Stunning, magical, sexy, dramatic- these are all words that have been used to describe our Austrian style drapes- a product that we pride ourselves in manufacturing as the very best in the business. I have never seen a drape make so many lighting designers giddy with the same level of excitement of 3 year old on Christmas Day than that of an Austrian. For anxious patrons of a production, it simply takes their breath away and sets the mood while heightening the expectation for the entire show before the first note is ever played, before any song is sung, and before any words are whispered. The Austrian drape silently speaks a bold message of confidence on behalf of everyone behind the curtain- no matter how chaotic or crazy it is backstage.

I have caught myself escaping into the production room and wrapping myself up in the Austrian’s plush pleats pretending I was the queen of some Loire Valley castle in the heart of France- an imaginary escape from the confines of my cubicle. This past week we’ve been working on yet another beauty in the back room-so I decided I should take you on a field trip into our sewing production room and show you little snippets of the process involved in making Austrian-style magic.

1) Flat panels of fabric are sewn together to achieve the desired width, taking into account both the horizontal and vertical fullness calculations.