‘Tis the season to spread merriment and joy with those around you, and NO ONE knows how to spread the joy better than Sew What? and Rent What?, especially when a party is involved! This year we had our annual Holiday Fiesta a little earlier in the season than we normally do, which really helped all of us get into a fantastically festive holiday spirit!


Starting off our party with some delicious catered Italian favorites, everyone got to devour the scrumptious pasta and salads to their hearts’ content. But we didn’t sit for too long, because we had the most invigorating and boot-scootin’ dance party arranged by our wonderful DJ Michael from Ovation Entertainment, who always puts us in a dancing mood at all of our events. Offering everybody great party favors and loads of fun props always helps everyone feel extra silly, and no one gets us all to start dancing like crazy in front of the entire staff quite like Michael does! With games such as an extremely competitive limbo contest, then a company-wide “musical chairs”, to our “who can last the longest while dancing the most insanely energetic line dancing imaginable” contest, he had us dancing and running around and limbo-ing until we were absolutely exhausted.


We always look forward to these memorable and hysterically fun parties that the company throws for us for so many great occasions, but the annual Holiday Party is definitely one of our very favorites. We are proving time and time again that we are definitely a “family of Whatters”, and these fun and fabulous parties really help remind everyone that the work we all do is appreciated by management, which is always a great reason to celebrate!




Everyone at Sew What? and Rent What? wants to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Holiday Season, and a prosperous and healthy New Year!