We understand that, as a production designer for a church, synagogue, or other house of worship, your goal is to design a set for your holiday worship services that is both visually exciting and religiously relevant. Why not take a cue from the world of music touring production designers and make a digitally printed backdrop the centerpiece of your design?

 With today’s grand format digital printers and 10 foot wide fabric substrates such as Heavy Knit, Cotton Canvas, and Artist Light, your options for a scenic backdrop are nearly limitless. Any image in digital format can be printed onto fabric and sewn into a beautiful custom backdrop at the dimensions required for your stage.

You may be saying to yourself, “Where do I find the right image for a digital backdrop?” Not to worry.  If you (or an artist friend) aren’t able to create your own digital image, there are many photo websites, such as iStock by Getty Images, offering thousands of royalty-free images to choose from, many with religious imagery, at an very affordable price.