Picture this.  You are promoting your product at a trade show.  You have pipe and base hardware, but basic colored drapes just don’t make a statement.  The answer?  Custom digitally printed backdrops that attach to the pipe and base and make your booth stand out from the crowd.



By printing your logo, tag line, or even a photo of your product onto a fabric substrate designed for digital printing, such as Heavy Knit, you have unlimited possibilities in customizing your booth.  This 10 foot wide fabric allows for a seamless look for the standard 10′ x 10′ booth, and seamed options are available for larger booths.

You can choose a single larger backdrop for the back wall (such as shown above), or add additional side wall pieces (as shown below).  Either way, the pieces can be hung on standard pipe and base hardware via a top pipe pocket, with grommets and ties used on the sides for a snug fit.



As the new year approaches, it’s a great time to begin designing a new look for your trade show booths for the 2014 show season! Why not make digitally printed backdrops part of that design?