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Monthly Archives: November 2013

19 11, 2013

LED Stardrops Make Your Set Design the Star of the Show!

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Of course, we all know that it’s the recording artist who is the ultimate star of the tour! But it’s your job as production designer to make the artist shine by designing just the right set, whether that includes soft goods, hard set pieces, or both.  When thinking about soft goods, consider taking the concept of “shine” literally by using LED Stardrops as a sparkling backdrop to the set.

Custom LED Stardrops, available in Classic (bluish-white lights) and Chameleon (colored lights), can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, making them a great option for both intimate theatre shows and huge arena shows.

LED_FUN. Chameleon 3

Even better, by running LED drapes through the DMX board, your lighting designer can vary the minimum and maximum intensity, chase speed, pattern type and pattern behavior of the LED lights, allowing the lighting designer to change the appearance of the drape throughout the show.

Looking for something truly unique? With a custom LED Stardrop, the LED lights can be inserted in nearly any pattern desired.  Think about it – a huge re-creation of the band’s logo in lights!

Not ready to purchase? Rental options are also available.

18 11, 2013

Add Some Brilliance to Your Next Special Event with a Rental LED Drape

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Looking to create an unparalleled visual effect for your next special event?  Having trouble coming up with something fresh and memorable for your next conference, fundraiser, school function, or wedding reception, while still staying under budget?

Consider renting one or more LED Classic or Chameleon Stardrops to add some sparkling drama to your next special event!

LED_(c) Lasertech Stardrops

An LED drape is a rich, velvety black drape with either bluish-white or colored LED lights inserted directly within, to help create the most amazing look on your stage or in your ballroom.  You can control the intensity of the twinkling lights on the Classic Stardrops, as well as create an entire color-motif with the Chameleon Stardrops so that each time you use them you can give your event a completely original look.

Have a uniquely shaped space that needs some added razzle dazzle? Custom-made LED drapes are also available for purchase.

We’d love to hear from you via a comment below on innovative ways you have used LED Drapes at a special event!

14 11, 2013

Dynamic Drape Designs for Holiday Worship Available for Rental

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As the holidays approach, are you looking for ideas for the set design of your holiday pageant or program? Consider using rental stage drapes to bring a new and exciting look to your stage. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from that you can achieve nearly any look you have in mind. Here are four designs that we hope will inspire you:

That Traditional Christmas Look

Theatrical Drapery Scene for David Archuleta Concert

Picture this. Gold Lightweight Velour Drapery from our Timeless and Traditional Series, highlighted with festive red bows and large gold balls. Add Christmas Trees, Wreaths, whatever you can imagine to set that festive holiday mood.

Winter Wonderland


Evoke a romantic winter scene by combining a variety of drapes from our Silver Satin Drapery Collection, from Austrians to Swags to Borders (and more). Add a little white with White Voile or Lightweight Velour Drapes from our Delightably White Collection, along with twinkle lights and a few snowflakes here and there for sparkle.

Edgy New Age

Just because you’re designing for a house of worship doesn’t mean you can’t be edgy. Cool crinkly Metal Mesh gives a great industrial vibe, especially when lighted with spots in different colors. Think about supplementing the look with silver and pewter Textura drapery from our Industrial Textures Series, and metal pieces in a variety of finishes (pewter, silver, stainless steel, chrome, rubbed bronze, etc).

13 11, 2013

Spice Up Your Next Event with LED Stardrops

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Are you an event coordinator working on large scale events, such as political fundraisers, celebrity weddings and major charity balls? Do you find that even the most luxurious hotel ballrooms and event spaces look the same? Consider spicing up the décor of these events with LED Stardrops.

An LED Stardrop is a black drape into which bluish-white or colored LED lights have been inserted to create a starry night pattern. They are easy to use, and you can even vary the speed and intensity of the “blinking stars.”


The versatility of these drapes means that one night, you could use LED Stardrops to create a “Night Under the Stars” effect at a charity ball, and then the next night, use the same LED Stardrops to dress up the stage behind the speakers at a political fundraiser.

Not ready to purchase an LED Stardrop? Rental options are also available.

What other things are you doing to make the decor of your events more exciting?  We’d love to hear from you via a comment below.


12 11, 2013

Adding Lighted Drapery to Your Next Gig

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Attention, music tour production designers and managers! Does your set design call for a lighted soft goods element? Are you tired of the hassle and expense of “old-school” fiber optic drapes? An LED Stardrop may be just what you need to achieve your design vision.

Rental LED Stardrops, available in both Classic (bluish-white) and Chameleon (RGB), give you the ability to program nearly any star pattern you’d like, all through the convenience of your lighting board. Depending on the colors and patterns used, as well as to type of other soft and hard goods included in the set design, LED Stardrops can work with almost any design, for nearly any artist, from a Pop Princess to the heaviest of Heavy Metal band.  Not quite seeing it? maybe seeing how these incredible Chameleon LED Stardrops looked for the recent FUN. Tour will inspire you.

LED_FUN. Chameleon 3

Want something a little more unique? Custom LED Stardrops can be made in different patterns, such as in a silhouette of the artist, or even the band’s name, as shown here on FUN. Tour.

LED_FUN. Chameleon 2


FUN. 2013 Tour:
Photographer / Video Content Director: Tyler Elich
Production Designer: Paul Normandale
Lighting Director: Steve Baird
Video Director: Johnny Dekam
Content Creation: Lightborne
Production Manager: Matt Miley