Attention Production Designers! Do you love the look of a scenic backdrop, but hate the expense and maintenance of a hand-painted muslin backdrop? Consider choosing a digitally printed backdrop. Digitally printed backdrops have a lower price point and a shorter lead time to produce, and so this is an excellent choice to personalize your tour design. Even better, digitally printed custom backdrops are available in a variety of substrates, so there is sure to be one that meets your tour’s needs.

One of the most popular choices of digital substrates in the touring marketplace is Heavy Knit, a 10 foot wide 100% polyester fabric specifically designed for direct printing. Heavy Knit is a premium and durable substrate that offers excellent wrinkle resistance and is ideal for images that include bright colors like this bold graphic for Jason Aldean.

Want to see more examples of digitally printed backdrops? Check out our Digital Printing Portfolio on our website or visit our Flickr Set.