With the holidays being right around the corner, are your stage elements still undecided? Are you coming up “blank” when trying to figure out an amazing, inexpensive, powerful, and yet truly beautiful drapery element to your church’s stage designs for your upcoming holiday programs? Do you want something versatile, easy-to-install, and dazzling for your congregation to remember for years to come? Why not consider a rental LED drape for all of your upcoming holiday events?

LED_Rolling Hills Stardrop 1

Our rental LED drapes have a rich black backdrop with either bluish-white or colored LED lights inserted directly within. You can control the intensity of the twinkling, blinking lights on our Classic Stardrops, as well as create beautiful and distinguishing color-schemes with our Chameleon Stardrops. Each time you use these drapes you can give your holiday program a special, original look. You can even layer them with White Voile drapes or White Scrims, so that they can be lit up with any dramatic lighting you can think of, as shown in the photo above. These drapes all come with DMX controllers and extremely easy-to-follow instructions that will have you wanting to create a different look each and every time you use them.

LED_Controller-Kit 1

Do you have a unique stage shape or dimension that a rental LED drape might not fit perfectly with? Custom LED drapes are also available, for a drape that you can use year-round for all of your holiday, choir, wedding, and other worship events.