Attention, music tour production designers and managers! Does your set design call for a lighted soft goods element? Are you tired of the hassle and expense of “old-school” fiber optic drapes? An LED Stardrop may be just what you need to achieve your design vision.

Rental LED Stardrops, available in both Classic (bluish-white) and Chameleon (RGB), give you the ability to program nearly any star pattern you’d like, all through the convenience of your lighting board. Depending on the colors and patterns used, as well as to type of other soft and hard goods included in the set design, LED Stardrops can work with almost any design, for nearly any artist, from a Pop Princess to the heaviest of Heavy Metal band.  Not quite seeing it? maybe seeing how these incredible Chameleon LED Stardrops looked for the recent FUN. Tour will inspire you.

LED_FUN. Chameleon 3

Want something a little more unique? Custom LED Stardrops can be made in different patterns, such as in a silhouette of the artist, or even the band’s name, as shown here on FUN. Tour.

LED_FUN. Chameleon 2


FUN. 2013 Tour:
Photographer / Video Content Director: Tyler Elich
Production Designer: Paul Normandale
Lighting Director: Steve Baird
Video Director: Johnny Dekam
Content Creation: Lightborne
Production Manager: Matt Miley