Over the last several years, Rent What? and Sew What? have focused on expanding our online presence in new and innovative ways. From the informative websites, and then to recently adding expansive Flickr photo streams and an exciting YouTube channel, and even to our exceptional blog, it has been a longstanding goal for the company to provide user-friendly online content on custom and rental theatrical drapery and other related topics. We aim to inform, educate, and entertain clients and consumers on all aspects of our business and everything our company has to offer to our invaluable customers.

Our latest venture is with LinkedIn, and we are extremely excited to be able to share it with you now! While Company President Megan Duckett has maintained a personal Linked In account for years, we recently launched an official company page for our clients to read and enjoy.




We know that people access information on the web in many different ways, and so we wanted to offer one more channel to those looking for information on theatrical and special event drapery. LinkedIn is a great way to keep up with the happenings at Sew What? and Rent What?, our blog, and the companies in general.

By simply clicking on the “Follow” button on the upper right-hand corner, you will quickly and easily be able to keep up with all the news on Rent What? theatrical rental stage curtains, solenoids, traveller track, lift systems, pop-up dressing rooms, and everything else that our company has to offer!