A really exciting demographic that Rent What? is beginning to work with more and more lately are dance and performance troupes, either going on tour across the country or having one spectacular show locally. An incredible dance group we were honored to work with recently is the Revolution Dance Company, who just put on a scintillating and dazzling show at the El Portal Theatre right here in Los Angeles. Called “Choosing Sin”, this amazing show was created and presented by innovative choreographer Kristin McQuaid, who has been an award-winning force in the entertainment industry for over 15 years.

McQuaid needed to have a backdrop for her dancers which would be easy to install, dramatic in its design, and accommodating enough to be used for their entire performance. Our IFR Silver Satin Drape Collection offers one of the most reflective and striking materials imaginable, and adding or changing the colors of the lights being splashed onto them can give them incredible versatility. This can help stage designers everywhere create stunning and distinctive looks for their shows that are completely unique and unparalleled.

 SS_Kristi McQuaid dance collage 2

Photo Courtesy © Kristin McQuaid

They started out by using our gorgeous 28’h x 14’w Silver Satin pleated drapes as their opulent main backdrop, and then enhanced them with some of our breathtaking swag drapes.  After starting with a large 22’h x 40’w Silver Satin Swag, and then adding a 16’h x 30’w Silver Satin Swag, they were able to layer these drapes to create an incredible and luxurious look for their show. By changing the lighting scheme between each performance with sensational colors patterns and intensities, they were able to create an exceptionable look to their show that was one-of-a-kind.

SS_Kristi McQuaid dance collage 1

Photo Courtesy © Kristen McQuaid

We were absolutely thrilled to work with Revolution Dance Company, and are excited to be working with more dance and theatrical groups in the near future, too.