Just last week, Megan happened upon a photo of a previous project that we did back in 2010, that the client was gracious enough to share with us. The photo is so great that as soon as I saw it, I knew it was definitely “blog-worthy.”

WHO: The client was ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute). ESRI creates geographic information systems (GIS) to help companies and organizations develop responsible solutions to geo-global problems.

WHAT: A set of 8 digitally-printed double-sided circle banners. Sixteen circles, each 13 feet in diameter, were direct-printed onto 16 foot wide fabric. The circles were then sewn back to back, to create 8 banners. An interlining of White Blackout Lining ensures that the circles can be sewn back-to-back without the image showing through to the other side. The gorgeous artwork was provided by ESRI.

WHY WE LOVE IT: The vibrant colors of the globe glow and appear three dimensional in contrast to the white of the massive structure.  This was truly a unique project for Sew What? and one we are really proud of, as it shows the versatility of digitally printing with a grand format printer onto fabric.  Digitally printing is not just for scenic backdrops!


Copyright © 2010 Esri. All rights reserved. Photo credit Joel Beukelman, Esri.