We here at Rent What? Inc. are quickly realizing that Pipe and Drape systems are not just for trade shows and conventions anymore. Recently we’ve noticed a huge spike in concert tours and large-scale productions using them for everything from helping “mask” the walls of a venue to be more neutral in design, to helping shape their stage space to fit their artist’s specific look, to creating their own portable and flexible “dressing room space” when they need something larger than our 8′ x 8′ Pop Up Dressing Rooms. Rent What? Inc. carries a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from, as well as completely adjustable hardware to fit each customer’s individual dimensions and needs.


I think one of the main reasons our Rental P&B Systems are so popular for all sorts of events and concert tours is that we have drapery ranging from 3’h to 20’h, in either convenient 5’w single width, seamless panels and/or 15′ w seamed panels. They are all sewn flat with pipe pocket tops, which helps create a beautiful, flawless look once installed on our versatile P&B hardware. Having our rental P&B drapes available in a myriad of colors (black, white, red, burgundy, royal blue, grey, pewter, and gold) and fabrics (15 oz Encore Velour, Super-Vel, and Voile) also helps our clients create the exact look and feel they are going for, whether backstage on a major concert tour or front and center for a high-profile convention.


Another reason our rental PB Systems are so popular is because of the sheer convenience of our huge inventory of adjustable and static uprights, drape supports, bases, and pins. With uprights available from 3’h to 20’h, drape supports ranging from 2’w to 16’w, and bases ranging from 13’ lbs to 62 lbs, we have the variety of sizes and weights available to help our customers create the exact set-up they need. As well, we also have innovative base carts and carry boxes to help ease our clients with any transportation issues they may have, which is an important consideration especially when travelling from venue to venue on tour.


These are just a few of the reasons why internationally renowned artists like Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa, Justin Timberlake, and many more have utilized our beautiful and dependable Pipe and Drape Systems for their summer tours and shows this year. Complete ease of use + huge assortment of available rental inventory = a winning combination for a concert tour or special event!

Pipe & Drape Questions? See our whitepaper, “Pipe and Drape Systems – Demystifying Exhibit Booths