Often, we have clients who see photos of our rental stage drapes on the Rent What? website, and ask “I really the look in one of the photos on your website, and I think it might be just the look we want for our show.  What drapes are shown in the photo?”  We enjoy going on to the website with them in real time, us in our office and the client in their own office, and going through the various photos to help the client determine exactly which rental drapes will give them the look they are trying to achieve.

Taking that idea to the next level, I thought it would be helpful to the blog readers if we did the same thing via the blog – take a photo from the Rent What? website and break down the various components shown in the photo, so that the client has a quick reference as to how the look was achieved with our specialty rental drapery.

On our Timeless and Traditional Drapery Series page, Photo # 403 is a favorite of many clients.  It really is a gorgeous set, and one that clients repeatedly ask about, and so we chose that photo as the first in the series. Here is the photo with added captions:


In this photo, a group of Pewter Textura Swagettes and Legs create a dreamy romantic feel. Captions on the photo above detail where each rental drape is used in the set, and the box near the bottom details the specific sizes, quantities, and drapery types used in the inspirational photo.  This photo also shows how rental drapery can be combined with custom purchased drapery to achieve a completely unique look, as behind the rental drapery is an unusual custom backdrop featuring a clock face image, digitally printed onto clear vinyl, which the client purchased from Sew What?

This is a great inspirational photo, but a similar look can be achieved with fewer drapery pieces or more (depending on the stage size), and there are other rental drapes available in our other specialty drapery series that would allow for a similar look but in a different color or size.