Many times, we work on some interesting and innovative projects, but we never see how the finished custom stage curtains or custom band backdrops look on stage with the lights and crowds and, of course, the artist / band.   Sometimes our clients send us photos, but otherwise we have to just imagine…or at least we did, until we started to find a ton of photos of our backdrops and drapes on Flickr.  Some of the photos are by professional photographers, others are by “regular” concert-goers, but they are all terrific.

Just today, I found at least 20 photos of the backdrop and stage skirting that we made for Little Big Town, and I was in awe of how great they looked on stage.  We knew they were beautiful hanging in our manufacturing shop, but seeing them with full stage lighting is the only way to get the full effect.

We were initially approached about a month ago by Chris Diener with Little Big Town’s production team.  The talented folks over at Raj Kapoor Productions, including Raj and Rachel, had created a beautifully intricate design for a digitally printed backdrop and stage skirts.  Even more unique was that the design specified that invisible UV paint be applied after printing, in order to make the design stand out in both traditional and UV lighting.

We were excited to be selected to manufacture these beautiful pieces, and when they were printed, painted and sewn, they looked gorgeous.  Here are a couple of shots of the 16′ h x 40′ w backdrop, hung in our warehouse:



Here it is being hung onstage during show load-in, with standard lighting and then with UV lights:




And here it is on stage during a show, in a couple of photos taken by the talented Maria Abdelnour, who posted the photos on Flickr:

Keith Urban, Little Big Town, and Dustin Lynch - Light the Fuse Tour - Detroit, MI 8/4/13

Keith Urban, Little Big Town, and Dustin Lynch - Light the Fuse Tour - Detroit, MI 8/4/13

I love seeing these beautiful backdrops and skirts in concert.  They look spectacular!