We here at Rent What? were delighted to work with one of our favorite clients again recently, who seems to have mastered the art of designing his stages and events with our versatile Aluminum Metal Mesh Backdrops and Legs. Michael Roccaforte with Forté in Carmel, Indiana, works to create the most innovative and distinctive designs for their national and international clients, and we are thrilled to be a part of their creative vision. I have written about some of Forte’s designs before in a past blog entry, but I wanted to share this new remarkable design with our readers, too.

Photo Courtesy Michael Roccaforte

Not long ago, Forté designed the staging for a national sales training meeting in Denver with a theme of “Let’s Rock,” which is exactly what they did with their stage creation. They started with some of our Metal Mesh drapes from our Industrial Textures Series as their main backdrop, which are extremely lightweight and easy to hang with webbing and ties along the top and are adaptable enough to use for any special occasion. Forté then designed a 7’ x 16’ guitar in foam board, which was hung in front of our mesh drapes. Then by simply adding in some gorgeous and dramatic lighting, they were able to create a powerful and memorable stage design for their clients to fully immerse themselves in for this important meeting. We truly enjoy being a part of our client’s imagination, and love seeing what incredible designs they will produce with our rental drapes and backdrops next.