There are some people who have crossed our path at one time or another who genuinely helped form us – by either bringing a mad skill – or lending a helping hand, or even an ear, when it was most needed.

This is a short but sincere shout out to just a couple of specific people who might not realize just how much they meant!

Cynthia Ray – a coworker from many years ago.  When I said one night after quitting my job that I was exhausted but had just sold a job to pleat up several hundred yards of special custom order borders for Stevie Nicks……….. She got in her car three nights in a row and drove from LA to Torrance to pleat and pin with me into the wee hours of the night. Without her help I would never have finished the project on time, and let’s face it – the show WILL go on – with or without the drapes. Thanks to a great friend who stepped in just when I needed it!

Isaac Waksul and Rosalie Zigman – Pre-Sew What, and long before I was capable of realizing what an amazing opportunity I had………for about 18 months I worked for Isaac along with his trusted Rosalie out of his surfside offices in Long Beach. Isaac planned events for the big technology players, and yet when it came time for research, he sent me off to the public library. Learning how to look, listen, extract, condense, and then read it again! At the time, I am certain I must have foolishly questioned – “why be soooo thorough?” – but in years that followed after the business was up and running, I realized that my skills in research meant that we were better decision makers, turning over every rock, sometimes twice, and in doing so making best practice decisions and new discoveries, too.  Coming full circle, Rosalie now works with us here at Rent What? and as a testament to Isaac’s methods, she manages to do in 2 half days what would take most of us a full week. Rosalie is a gem – and I think of Isaac most every day when faced with questions.  He certainly taught me how to find the answers, and beyond that how to communicate the answers.  Great people.

Wakaba Tada – being a new business is hard enough as it is – and then you need money. The banks won’t lend to you unless you have 3 years of books to look at – so what to do? We were always blessed to organically self-fund, where consistent profitability allowed us to keep investing (no matter how small) back into the business. But keeping the books by hand more or less, I went by the little local banking office every day – where I was assigned a lovely woman my age from Japan.  Wakaba walked us through our banking needs, guided our decisions and saw us through to the day when the bank extended an official “line of credit” – pretty much unheard of for such a young business at the time.  Years later we became friends outside of the business and bank – eventually taking aerobics classes together at the local YMCA, and in later years when she married she invited our son William to be her ring bearer!  Wakaba now lives in Japan with her husband and has specialized in investment banking.

DAD – yes – Boot-Scooting-Billy to some – and Papa to others. But Dad has been here holding hands, drying tears, vaccuming up pins and keeping the team dancing for 17 years now. So, thanks Dad – from all of us – because you made a difference and continue to – in fact we’re all looking forward to your next visit in October……..

Dad (aka Bill Rowe)

With Thanks – and to so many others …. unmentioned but not forgotten.