Recently, Andrea (our Graphics Coordinator) discovered that her neighbor John (who used to be a lighting designer) was a customer of Sew What? back about ten years ago or so. John remembered a holiday postcard he had received from Sew What? back in the day – he actually still had the postcard and shared it with Andrea.

As soon as Megan and I saw it, we remembered it. This was back in the days when Megan created all of our marketing materials herself – from designing and building our website to designing promotional materials. This particular postcard, built by Megan in Adobe Photoshop, was sent to clients during the holiday season of 2004 – my first year with Sew What?

It was shortly afterwards that Megan began a major rebranding of the company, retaining a marketing company to create a new brand, completely redesign and rebuild the company’s website, expand the company’s online presence to include Flickr, YouTube, and Linked In, and much more.

It has been nearly nine years since the rebranding, and as we continually seek to improve our website and expand our online content (such as adding the company blog in 2009), we sometimes forget what it was like in the early days. It is great fun to get this “blast from the past” to bring it all back!