As Creative Director and Senior Sales for Sew What? Inc., I work with clients on a number of projects featuring custom stage curtains, digital backdrops and other soft goods. My role is focused on the front end – consulting with the client to understand the client’s vision of the set design, translating that vision into a recommendation of how Sew What? can help achieve that vision (perhaps recommending a specific fabric or style of custom drape), following through with our manufacturing department as the drapes are being made, and much more. However, while I may see the finished product in our facility just prior to shipment, it is rare that I see the drapery on the back end – in use by the customer.

That is why I love it when I find a picture on Flickr or a video on YouTube of our custom made stage drapery or backdrops featured in a concert or performance. Even better is when a client emails me a photo – that tells me that the client is pleased with the products we provided, and gives me the opportunity to “see them in action.”

Recently I was emailed by Vido Rhodes from Lone Star Ballet, an organization that I have been pleased to assist for several years now. Vido sent me a couple of photos of sheer drapery that we manufactured for them over the last year or so, on stage during Lone Star Ballet performances.


FR Gold Chiffon Drapes.  Photo Courtesy Vido Rhodes, Lone Star Ballet

These 30’ h x 9’ 9” w drapes were sewn flat (unpleated), with grommets and ties on both the top and the bottom. This offers flexibility in hanging and draping. The client can increase or decrease the fullness of the drapes as desired, simply by varying the way the drapes are tied onto the supporting structure. The closer together, the greater the fullness; farther apart and the fullness decreases. The grommets and ties on the bottom edge also allow the client to use the drapes in multiple ways – either hanging from the top in a traditional drape configuration, or creating swags by hanging from both the top and bottom.


IFR Fire Red Voile Drapes.  Photo Courtesy Vido Rhodes, Lone Star Ballet

I love the way that Vido and his colleagues have designed the stage for these performances, and I’m so proud that our drapery played such a key role in achieving their vision.