Recently we did a cool project for the Zac Brown Band.  It started out as a fairly traditional (though large) 50′ h x 50′ w custom backdrop of Natural Heavy Weight Muslin.  When the scenic painter got a hold of it, however, it became truly special.

Utilizing special UV paints and artwork provided by the client, the scenic painter meticulously recreated a painted rendering of the band’s cover art from their latest album, “Uncaged“, which features a “Day of the Dead” figure.  Without lighting, the backdrop appears to be blank – but add the right lighting and the images dramatically appear.

What’s more, the backdrop is sewn as a kabuki, so after appearing to great effect, the sudden drop to the floor as the solenoids are released adds yet another level of drama to the show.

It truly is a fabulous backdrop – but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself…