We here at Rent What? are so honored to be able to work with some of the most innovative and creative people in production, and for some of the most well-known and beloved entertainers in the entertainment industry, too. We are currently renting a fabulous rental drapery package to the creative team working with Steve Martin’s current tour with Edie Brickell and The Steep Canyon Rangers, showcasing their latest album “Love Has Come For You”. This fantastically entertaining show includes mixed media with comedic commentary, contagious bluegrass music, and some of the fastest fingers in the world playing the most amazing banjo music you’ve ever heard! Steve Martin’s Tour Manager Matthew Murphy wanted to make sure they had something versatile enough that it could be used in dozens of different venues across this country and Canada, and yet give them the full capability to design their creative vision each and every time. They needed something lightweight, eclectic, and durable since they would be touring from location to location. And, of course, they wanted something dazzling and memorable for their audience to thoroughly enjoy.

With the help of Megan Duckett, they decided to rent our gorgeous Pewter Textura Swaggettes and Pre-Pleated Specialty Drapes from our Timeless and Traditional Collection. With Swaggettes ranging in size from 6’h x 5’w all the way to 10’h to 50’w, and drape legs at 30’h x 10’w, they were given a great variety of drapes to be able to individually style at each venue. Here is an example of the drapes set up without any special lighting, and on a single truss system, and you can see how stunning and dramatic these drapes can be all on their own.


These inherently flame retardant drapes also reflect light beautifully, and can effectively change the tone of the stage design with a simple splash of some well-placed colored lights. Add some of this specialty lighting and change the stage design to a multi-truss system, and you can see what a different look and feel these exact same drapes have been able to produce for their shows, allowing them both flexibility and creative freedom from one venue to the next.