In scrolling through Flickr recently, we came upon several photos of a concert backdrop that we immediately recognized, because it was one we made for indie rock band The Yeah Yeah Yeahs back in 2009.  I remember it as one of the most interesting custom band backdrops that we have made.

Our manufacturing staff began by cutting Black FR Tiger Gauze, a square cotton netting with a 1/4″ opening, to size to serve as the backing of the 20′ h x 40′ w backdrop.  Then the detailed work began.  Working with detailed drawings provided by production designer Dan Hadley, our sewing staff painstakingly cut out and appliqued metallic blue floral petal mylar sheeting to replicate the concentric circle design.

As you can see from this photo , the tiger gauze recedes so that, even up close in standard fluorescent lighting, the mylar circles appear to float.

The backdrop is beautiful as-is, but it became even more dramatic once the client added a giant eyeball prop to the center, seen most dramatically in this Flickr photo.  The backdrop also looks great up close in the daylight, as in this photo.  It was great seeing the photos and being reminded of this fun and innovative project.  It’s hard to believe it has been four years since we made it.

(Note: We recently made a new backdrop for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs current tour.  This new one was a beautiful classic design of  3 giant “Y”s in Silver Allure appliqued onto Black Poly Muslin.  Check  out this photo to see this year’s backdrop).