About a month ago, we were contacted by one of our favorite clients, designer Bruce Rodgers of Tribe.  He wanted our help in achieving his vision for the set design for the 2013 Inductee Ceremony for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, held this year at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Through a series of conversations between Bruce and Megan, the details were nailed down to a variety of drapes in Pewter Textura.  By combining rented 30′ h x 10′ w pleated drapes from Rent What?s Industrial Textures series with several purchased large swagged drapes, custom-made by Sew What? for the project, Bruce was able to achieve just the look he was after.

When loading in the drapes at the Nokia Theatre, we knew they looked terrific, but the crowning glory was watching the ceremony on television this past weekend and actually seeing the drapery in action.  Most memorable was seeing inductee rock group Heart performing in front of the drapes.

After seeing the ceremony on television, Creative Director Shane Nelsen, who assisted Megan with the project, was blown away and wished he had been able to record the show.  With the “magic” of YouTube, though, he was able to find the video above which really captures the beauty of the drapes.

Combining rental drapery with custom-made purchased drapery really gives the best of both worlds for events such as this.  It allows the customer to lower his costs while also creating a custom look.