In our next installment of “Meet The Staff” I’d like to introduce you to Kimberly Lee, affectionately referred to around here as “KLee”. She is one of our hard-working Sew What? Account Managers, and she has also recently become a contributor to this blog. Her upbeat energy is infectious to the entire staff, and her incredible creative eye has helped the company on numerous projects. Please take a moment to read a little bit about this exceptional person, and you’ll see why we are so thrilled to have KLee as an important member of our “Whatters” family !

When did you first start at Sew What? What were you originally hired to do, and how have your duties changed since working here?

I was originally hired back in September of 2011 as a Sales Representative for SW. I’ve had the pleasure of growing into this position, and I get to expand my duties more and more each day.

If you could take a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would go back to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. It’s this hidden little gem of an Alpine village nestled in the Valley of the Elves. There are over 70 waterfalls that spill over majestic granite cliffs in this one area of Switzerland alone, and it is so beautiful that producers based “Rivendale” from the movie Lord of The Rings on its awe-inspiring terrain. It’s one of the most gorgeous places on the planet, and I would love to go back again someday and explore as much of it as I can!

What kind of work did you do before coming to Sew What?

I worked in the Event Planning industry and as a screen printer for Rugby Outfitter in Washington.

Do you have a special talent?

Being creative is my most prized talent—either in photography, set design, costume design, graphics, etc. I just love to be creative as much as possible.

What is your favorite memory from being part of the Sew What? family?

Our Billy Idol outing with other Sew What? employees. I had just started working here and was able to join them on a last minute outing to Fantasy Springs Casino and Resort to see Billie Idol in concert. It was a blast, and a great way to get to know my colleagues in a non-work environment, but still had direct connections to our industry.

What is your favorite sports team/TV Show/Book/Movie?

My favorite sports team has got to be the New Zealand Rugby Team—YOU KNOW IT! And I love to check out Indie films and documentaries showing around in the LA area. One of my favorite places to go is the Old Town Music Hall, which showcases a lot of classic Hollywood films there.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love to be inspired, and find that our community, and our industry, is FILLED with inspiration! I love photography of all kinds, and try to do as much of it as time permits. And when I’m really lucky, I get to go to rock shows around town too.

What project have you worked on recently that was interesting or challenging?

Helping create and produce a new style of drape design for Rent What? has been extremely challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.

Also, recently I got to help create a stage backdrop for a world-famous band that was made to look like an industrial hard set, but it had to be made completely out of soft fabrics so that it could tour with the band easier. Seeing this one-of-a-kind finished product looking the way the production team dreamed of was very exciting.

Anything more about your time here at SW?

It’s filled with lots of good times!