Churches aren’t necessarily the dusty, stuffy, dark and boring places they may have seemed in the past. Nowadays, modern churches are huge communities of individuals who offer their members day care services, gyms, and coffee shops, and their weekly services often take place in huge amphitheaters that can fit hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people at one time. They enjoy everything from rock concerts and huge theatrical productions to one-on-one mentorship. Easter is an especially wonderful season for us here at Rent What? Inc., because we get to help create fantastic and memorable Easter Sunday programs for these modern church communities to enjoy and talk about long after the service is over. We do this by providing a variety of rental stage drapes, solenoid systems, traveller track and anything else these amazing churches from all over the country may need to help make their service a complete success.

Just this past month we got to work with Jon Ackerman and their team of creative production designers at The MET Collective, a multi-branch church located in Houston, Texas, to help give their Easter Sunday service a little extra “wow” factor. Utilizing our lightweight, easy-to-install, and highly dependable 10-head V2 Solenoid System, they were able to drop some of their own personal drapery during a dramatic and exciting part of their band’s performance, much to the delight of the hundreds of people watching the service live and online.

Jon was nice enough to send us a video of the service, including the actual dropping of their Kabuki drapes from the rented solenoids, and we are excited to share the video with our readers (keep an eye on the left and right sides of the screen to see the drapes drop into view).  We were thrilled to be a part of such an exciting event, and look forward to working with incredible churches like The MET again for any special production they may come up with.