Ostrich leather boots, oversized belt buckles, and a bucking ton of untamed muscle isn’t the first image you think of when it comes to all things sewn. However, Professional Bull Riders (PBR) is a big part of the ‘western’ side of the entertainment industry, and is currently on tour as rodeo’s most celebrated bull riding competition.

As with any sporting event, sponsorship and advertising is vital to its overall success. PBR contacted Sew What? Inc. to not only digitally print banners for some of their biggest sponsors, but also needed a way to mask off the seating of the portion of the arena that was directly behind all the action. Getting the right dual-purpose drape for the job was crucial since the space above the chutes is considered the most prime advertising space in the entire arena.

Sew What tackled the job with an oversized flat black masking drape made out of 16oz Commando Cloth, which had hook Velcro strategically sewn to accommodate the over 24 digitally printed sponsor banners. The brilliance of this design was that the Velcro allowed the client flexibility to move each ‘tile’ to a new location so that each venue could tailor the advertising space to its local market, or place higher paying advertisers in the most prime viewing locations on the drape.

The PBR Finals are held in Vegas October 23rd through the 27th so y’all have plenty of time to catch a rodeo between now and then or make a trek out to the grand finale. When you do, remember that Sew What doesn’t just make soft goods for theatrical city slickers, but has branded itself to be the go-to source for technical textiles built country tough with a friendly git-r-done attitude to accommodate even the tightest of deadlines.