One of the venues every singer dreams of performing at is Madison Square Garden in NYC, no matter what their genre of music or how long they’ve been in the game. Of course, we love it when our drapes are showcased there as well (who wouldn’t?). In February this year, one of our clients, Marbella, Inc. got to design and dress the stage at Madison Square Garden for arguably one of the most successful and popular Latin pop stars around today, Marco Antonio Solis during his Thank You For Being Here World Tour. With the innovative and inspired vision of Andy Ruiz of Marbella, Inc., and his incredible team of production designers, lighting designers, and set designers, he was able to conceptualize and construct one of the most dramatic and eclectic stage designs we’ve ever seen. Utilizing our gorgeous IFR 30’h x 60’w Silver Satin Austrian (from our Silver Satin Series) as both a main backdrop for the stage and as a stunning proscenium border, Andy and his team created a memorable space for Solis and his band and guest artists to really shine in. Photographed beautifully by Hector Kron Hernandez, we were thrilled to be a part of this special concert, and to see how this impressive team of designers was able to really demonstrate a lot of what our Austrian drapes can do.

One of the greatest qualities of Rent What?’s rental Austrian drapes is how incredibly versatile they can be, especially when working with a profoundly imaginative eye. Because the lift lines are strategically and evenly placed on the backside of the drape on the seams, this lightweight yet durable drape can be used very simply as a sensational backdrop when hanging down fully. However, as Marbella, Inc. displayed in their stage design, if lifted up almost all the way to the truss, it can be used as one of the most dynamic borders you could dream of. And either lifted up all the way, or hanging down as a spectacular backdrop, just add some creative lighting to the Austrian drape like this team did, and you have yourself a real show-stopper!