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29 03, 2013

Impressive Kabuki Reveal using Rent What? Solenoids

By |March 29th, 2013|Clients, News, Projects|0 Comments

It’s always so gratifying when a group of talented individuals all come together to pull off something exciting and innovative for their audiences to enjoy. Rent What? loves to be a part of these ventures, and recently got to work with one of our favorite clients, Dave Brooks, on a very impressive event. Working with AV company NPI and Vincent Lighting Systems, Mr. Brooks was able to help produce something exciting for his audience to remember for years to come.

As a production manager for Pieter Bouterse Studio in Cleveland, he designed and created the stage set and kabuki drape reveal for the press conference announcing the new naming rights of the Cleveland Browns Stadium into becoming FirstEnergy Stadium. We know that he needed to depend on our system to work right the first time, because it was a very high-profile event both in person with local news coverage, as well as with tens of thousands of viewers online. Mr. Brooks knew he could count on our brand new and ultra-sleek, lightweight, and very easy to install Solenoid System to do a double drop (first to drop down their drape to cover up the announcement, then a second drop to reveal the name of the new stadium). The result was fantastic!!

You can see the drop for yourself in a wonderful piece that videographer David I. Anderson did on the Plain Dealer on   Check it out below or here (our drop is about a minute and a half into the piece) and see for yourself that a kabuki drop is a surefire way to excite and captivate your audience every time!

26 03, 2013

Bulls and Backdrops

By |March 26th, 2013|Clients, Digital Printing, Products, Projects|1 Comment

Ostrich leather boots, oversized belt buckles, and a bucking ton of untamed muscle isn’t the first image you think of when it comes to all things sewn. However, Professional Bull Riders (PBR) is a big part of the ‘western’ side of the entertainment industry, and is currently on tour as rodeo’s most celebrated bull riding competition.

As with any sporting event, sponsorship and advertising is vital to its overall success. PBR contacted Sew What? Inc. to not only digitally print banners for some of their biggest sponsors, but also needed a way to mask off the seating of the portion of the arena that was directly behind all the action. Getting the right dual-purpose drape for the job was crucial since the space above the chutes is considered the most prime advertising space in the entire arena.

Sew What tackled the job with an oversized flat black masking drape made out of 16oz Commando Cloth, which had hook Velcro strategically sewn to accommodate the over 24 digitally printed sponsor banners. The brilliance of this design was that the Velcro allowed the client flexibility to move each ‘tile’ to a new location so that each venue could tailor the advertising space to its local market, or place higher paying advertisers in the most prime viewing locations on the drape.

The PBR Finals are held in Vegas October 23rd through the 27th so y’all have plenty of time to catch a rodeo between now and then or make a trek out to the grand finale. When you do, remember that Sew What doesn’t just make soft goods for theatrical city slickers, but has branded itself to be the go-to source for technical textiles built country tough with a friendly git-r-done attitude to accommodate even the tightest of deadlines.

22 03, 2013

Marco Antonio Solis Shines in Front of Silver Satin Austrian Drape

By |March 22nd, 2013|Clients, Products, Projects|1 Comment

One of the venues every singer dreams of performing at is Madison Square Garden in NYC, no matter what their genre of music or how long they’ve been in the game. Of course, we love it when our drapes are showcased there as well (who wouldn’t?). In February this year, one of our clients, Marbella, Inc. got to design and dress the stage at Madison Square Garden for arguably one of the most successful and popular Latin pop stars around today, Marco Antonio Solis during his Thank You For Being Here World Tour. With the innovative and inspired vision of Andy Ruiz of Marbella, Inc., and his incredible team of production designers, lighting designers, and set designers, he was able to conceptualize and construct one of the most dramatic and eclectic stage designs we’ve ever seen. Utilizing our gorgeous IFR 30’h x 60’w Silver Satin Austrian (from our Silver Satin Series) as both a main backdrop for the stage and as a stunning proscenium border, Andy and his team created a memorable space for Solis and his band and guest artists to really shine in. Photographed beautifully by Hector Kron Hernandez, we were thrilled to be a part of this special concert, and to see how this impressive team of designers was able to really demonstrate a lot of what our Austrian drapes can do.

One of the greatest qualities of Rent What?’s rental Austrian drapes is how incredibly versatile they can be, especially when working with a profoundly imaginative eye. Because the lift lines are strategically and evenly placed on the backside of the drape on the seams, this lightweight yet durable drape can be used very simply as a sensational backdrop when hanging down fully. However, as Marbella, Inc. displayed in their stage design, if lifted up almost all the way to the truss, it can be used as one of the most dynamic borders you could dream of. And either lifted up all the way, or hanging down as a spectacular backdrop, just add some creative lighting to the Austrian drape like this team did, and you have yourself a real show-stopper!

19 03, 2013

Inspired by Digital Printing

By |March 19th, 2013|Digital Printing, Products, Projects|1 Comment

Recently I was looking through some of our most incredible stage designs to get some ideas for another client’s upcoming event. I was blown away when I came across this awe-inspiring custom digital stage backdrop, made from Supreme Vinyl Mesh, that was a multi-part piece printed and sewn by Sew What? Inc. for their client Triple Horse Productions, for a huge church event in Georgia. Having this directly printed digital backdrop made into 5 separate pieces (made up of drapes 42 feet high by 35 feet wide, 20 feet wide, and 9 feet wide) allowed maximum flexibility for actor entrances and exits as well as the potential to move to a smaller (or larger) stage location in the future. The angular “mosaic” style segments lent themselves stylistically to this instantly recognizable piece of art. Supreme Mesh is an excellent candidate for printing – often overlooked for indoor use. The color saturation and output on the heavily coated vinyl mesh surface is extremely vibrant, despite that it is made of mesh.

This custom theatrical backdrop made of Supreme Vinyl Mesh is also known as Speaker Mesh and is great for when air circulation is of concern, which makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor events that may have sound and music elements. It is also tested and approved as Flame Retardant, so you aren’t limited to only using it outdoors, which is perfect for events and productions held inside theatres and on stages of all types. This backdrop was also “hot-wedge” welded, giving an almost “seamless” look to its vertical seams. Top-finished with webbing, grommets, and ties made it super easy to attach to the church’s in-house truss system in a manner of minutes.

While doing my research, I discovered that Direct Digital Fabric Printing is extremely cost-effective for proof and short-run printing, reduces proofing time from weeks to hours (which accelerates design and product development when time is of the essence), and permits and encourages customization and personalization from your own design vision. Here is another example of what this incredibly versatile Supreme Mesh looks like up close through a colorful design.

As you can see, it is extremely bright and clear, which showcases your intended image beautifully for your audience to enjoy. Rent What? is always thrilled when we have the perfect backdrop or specialty drape for your event. But if we don’t have it, I want to highly recommend having a personally tailored custom direct print digital backdrop created by the talented individuals at Sew What?, because they can literally take ideas from your imagination and turn them into a reality.

15 03, 2013

Nelly Furtado’s Inspired Use of Pewter Textura

By |March 15th, 2013|Clients, Projects|1 Comment

Having an innovative and creative team working hard on your event is every artist’s wish, and such definitely ended up being the case with Nelly Furtado’s recent leg of her American tour. Rent What? Inc. was extremely happy to not only supply her team with beautiful theatrical drapery rentals, but we were also thrilled to supply some gorgeous pieces especially designed and built for them by Sew What? Inc. Plus, her lighting and stage designers helped create a mesmerizing look for her show that completely dazzled her audience and captivated their attention for this amazing artist’s sold-out shows. Photographer Tom Leparskas was able to capture the show perfectly, and was very generous to allow us to showcase his photos of these magnificent and versatile drapes on our website.

The stage designers wanted something that would be light and easy to put up, reflect any splashes of light that they might want to throw at them, and yet also stand alone as stunning drapes all on their own. They started with some rich and velvety Black Encore Velour masking drapes to help create negative space on and off stage. They then used three Sew What? custom-built 8’h x 16’w swags to frame the top of the stage, made from a luxurious aqua-gold shimmery organza, which reflected their various lighting schemes perfectly. Lastly, they hung several various sized pre-pleated Pewter Textura drapes from Rent What’s Timeless and Traditional Collection to help transform their stage into an utterly radiant sight.

These drapes are unbelievably diverse and have the ability to reflect all kinds of lighting to help create a distinctive staging design every time. Try mixing and matching them with other drapes from our rental collection, like our Aluminum Mesh from our Industrial Textures Collection, or our Silver Satin Austrians from our Silver Satin Collection, to make your stage design uniquely inspired!