Many times a client will come to us with an image that they love, but the original file is too small to reproduce at twenty to thirty feet or larger.

Recently we were approached to produce a backdrop for Kacey Musgraves. The image they provided was about ten inches wide and had nowhere near enough data to print a backdrop.

The first step: In the foreground of the image is a huge trailer house that would fall apart if enlarged to the size it needed to be.  In order to have the trailer print well at twenty feet I decided that I needed to illustrate a vector version of the main trailer and the other trailers and buildings in the image.  Vector art is independent of resolution and therefore can reproduce at any size without image quality being lost.


I used the provided photo to sample colors, shadows and textures and created an illustration of the main elements that was visually the same as the photo. I then used stock photography of grass, flowers and digitally hand painted other photo elements to bring the image together and give it a realistic feel.

Even after working on the piece for a day and a half, the end result made me step back for a minute and compare my artwork to the original photo. It was amazing how close the two were. 

You can see the backdrop for yourself as Kacey is opening for Little Big Town on their current tour.