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Monthly Archives: February 2013

26 02, 2013

Rock the House Rocked Our Metal Mesh Drapes!

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Recently Rent What? Inc. had the pleasure of working with one of our favorite clients on a huge yearly event that they were producing in Ohio. Creative and Talent Director Ryan Konikoff with Rock The House Entertainment Group had to create a stage for a high-profile awards dinner that needed to be edgy and striking, and yet quick and easy to put together. With some great advice from our owner Megan Duckett, they decided to go with some of our spectacular  Aluminum Metal Mesh drapes from our Industrial Textures Series for their special event. Using one of our large, 23’h x 40’w Aluminum Mesh Backdrop with some 23’h x 9’w legs, they were able to set up a beautiful and theatrical stage which completely astounded the crowd and helped create an ideal background for their ceremony.

One of the greatest elements to our rental mesh drapes are their extreme durability and amazing versatility—by adding some dramatic lighting and color splashes to the front OR to the rear of these drapes, you will create an original and sensational stage for your special event every time. With a variety of sizes to choose from (we carry everything from 4’h x 50’w borders to 18’h to 28’h backdrops and legs), you will certainly find something that will be perfect for your stage’s space and dimensions, and your event’s specific design esthetic, too. Feel free to contact any of us at Rent What to get more information on how one of our mesh drapes can help you create an impressive and sensational stage for your next special occasion!

22 02, 2013

Laser Cutting of Fabrics

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There are lots of uses for laser cut fabrics – and for many years the process has been used to create textiles for the garment and home furnishings industries.

One might wonder why it is that it often takes many moons longer for such tried and true processes to enter the entertainment industry – but in part that seems due to the fact that much of what we do is in a larger format, a grander scale, a smaller budget and worse yet – a shorter timeframe.

It is not uncommon to purchase home furnishings or custom window draperies and be told it will be 12 weeks till delivery – very common indeed. We recently sat on a carpeted floor after moving house while waiting for the sofa to turn up. The delay? Well, they don’t see it as a delay – there is no show – and life will go on with or without the sofa! So wait is what we did.

In contrast, our industry demands that the show will go on – but indeed it won’t be without the sofa. Failure to produce and deliver timely usually equates to the client’s failure to pay. SO – do it, do it cheap and do it fast. Then move onto the next.

A recent meeting with a dear friend and creative mind re-inspired me to look under the rocks and behind some supposedly closed doors to try and turn up some new technologies and processes that we can implement into our products and services. One field that has proven to be huge “on the other side of the fence” is the laser cutting industry.

So you take cloth – and then using precision laser cutters you then cut into it shapes, squiggles and designs. Creating negative spaces and peek-a-boo port holes. Great texture results and lighting designers can have a field day with both positive surface areas and negative spaces….. adding depth to the stage and dimension to the lighting.

As the laser cuts the fabric, it will also sear the edge of the fabric which will help to stop it from fraying. Table style cutting machines can cut thru cotton, suede, polyesters, twills and more – not to mentions many of the heave stage velour and velvets us touring folk love – most effectively the 22oz Encore Velour which is a poly knit low piled textile used for rock and roll tours day in and day out.

Being that the process is automated, it is very accurate and allows for multiple tables of the same pattern or design to be cut with mirror image accuracy. Anyone who has spend a lot of time working with textiles will know how difficult it is to manipulate materials to achieve consistent results. The lasers offer precise cuts each and every time no matter what the shape or its complexity.

We are up and running with a local laser cutting provider and look forward to working more projects with this unique process involved.

19 02, 2013

Dressing the Pollstar Awards

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Once a year, the music touring elite gather at the Pollstar Awards ceremony to honor the best of the best in the touring biz. This behind the scenes ceremony is the equivalent to a the “backstage” version of the Grammys. The back end work is what makes the artist’s show memorable and makes their tours run as smooth as butter melting on a freshly baked baguette. From tour promoters, to venues, to staging and lighting companies, you can’t get away with having a kick ass show without having the hundreds of people supporting, sacrificing, and schmoozing to get the top industry artists to where they are today. For those who made the trek last Thursday night to the Nokia Club in downtown L.A., all were greeted with a swank venue full of complimentary drinks and passed appetizers while being entertained by Mad TV’s Michael McDonald.

Rent What’s own crazy fun-loving ‘uncle’ in the biz, Bob Hughes of All Access Staging & Productions, accepted the award for best Staging or Equipment Company of the Year, presented by EDM spinner Deadmau5. Other presenters included Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, as well as the mayor of Nashville, who will be hosting next year’s event.

Naturally, the Pollstar stage wouldn’t be dressed properly without the road-warrior-worthy soft goods line by Rent What? Inc, who generously donated for the event. Among the winners: a sexy White Poly Silk Austrian drape skinned by a diffusing poly-silk cyc which created dimensional texture with varying gobo projections and lighting tricks, and Low-Tech LED drapes flanked on the wing space that gave the atmosphere a soft programmable sparkle to enhance the mood each time an award was being announced.

At the end of this night, and the beginning of any production, it’s the use of the correct ‘backbone’ soft goods that are the blank canvas that lighting and stage designers can use to create their visual magic.

15 02, 2013

Creating a Digital Backdrop for Kacey Musgraves

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Many times a client will come to us with an image that they love, but the original file is too small to reproduce at twenty to thirty feet or larger.

Recently we were approached to produce a backdrop for Kacey Musgraves. The image they provided was about ten inches wide and had nowhere near enough data to print a backdrop.

The first step: In the foreground of the image is a huge trailer house that would fall apart if enlarged to the size it needed to be.  In order to have the trailer print well at twenty feet I decided that I needed to illustrate a vector version of the main trailer and the other trailers and buildings in the image.  Vector art is independent of resolution and therefore can reproduce at any size without image quality being lost.


I used the provided photo to sample colors, shadows and textures and created an illustration of the main elements that was visually the same as the photo. I then used stock photography of grass, flowers and digitally hand painted other photo elements to bring the image together and give it a realistic feel.

Even after working on the piece for a day and a half, the end result made me step back for a minute and compare my artwork to the original photo. It was amazing how close the two were. 

You can see the backdrop for yourself as Kacey is opening for Little Big Town on their current tour.

12 02, 2013

Incredible New Year’s Eve Celebration

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Our clients never cease to amaze us with the wonderful, creative, and unique ways they use our theatrical rental drapes for their concerts, productions, and other special events. Recently we got an email from one of our favorite clients, Stage Right Lighting, with some photos and video that COMPLETELY blew us away here at Rent What? Inc.! They designed and brought to fruition the most amazing lighting design for a high-profile New Year’s Eve celebration at the Virginia Beach Hilton Hotel’s Oceanfront Ballroom. With a “Paris at Night” theme, they were able to transform this ballroom into one of the most magnificent and colorful sights we’ve ever seen.

Photo Courtesy Don Monteux. © 2013

With the vision of Stage Right lighting designer Chris Lawson, wedding and event specialist Caroline Camp Harrison, and their entire team of hard working professionals, they used several of our Silver Satin Austrian drapes as the main backdrops surrounding the ballroom. Because of the incredible versatility of these drapes and their ability to reflect light beautifully, this team was able to illuminate them up with all sorts of vibrant and dynamic color schemes. Once the clock struck midnight, they then surprised their guests with a sparkling and animated show of lights which glimmered and flickered all over the drapes with a multitude of radiant hues. It was truly spectacular!

Video Courtesy Chris Lawson © 2013

Captured by exceedingly talented photographer Don Monteaux, we were able to really get a feel for the excitement and joyful spirit of the evening through his amazing pictures, and made us wish we were there to celebrate in person. Rent What? was thrilled to be a part of helping with the success of this memorable event, led by such talented individuals!

Photo Courtesy Don Monteux. © 2013