A few months ago, I posted about the beauty and versatility of our Low Tech LED Drapes.  These beautiful sheer White Voile Drapes with internal white LED lights are just gorgeous and can be used for a variety of events, from weddings to rock concerts.

One of the recent projects that I mentioned in the post was the Marilyn Manson Tour.  Originally selected for the Spring U.S. tour only, the drapes were so impressive that the rental was extended through the Fall U.S. tour and even taken overseas to be used as part of the set for the European tour as well.

I had posted one photo that we got of the drapes in use by Marilyn Manson, but we have since discovered a number of other photos on Flickr.  We’ve compiled them into a Flickr Gallery – we’d love for you to check out the gallery and see for yourself how versatile these drapes can be.