As regular readers know, almost every year we create a new Sew What? Tee Shirt.  Designed by the fabulously talented John Rios, each has a unique “Rock ‘N’ Roll” inspiration.  I featured a couple of the shirts on this blog.  Heavy Metal was the theme of 2009’s shirt, whereas in 2010 there were two designs, Rock N Roll and Superhero. 

Recently, I told you how proud we are that all of the products that we manufacture are Made in America, as are most of the fabrics that we use and most of the theatrical equipment and supplies that we sell.  This became our inspiration in the design of the 2012 Sew What Tee Shirt, again designed by John Rios.

John took the theme of Made in America and combined in with elements of Rock N Roll and the iconic Sew What question mark. 

I love this shirt!  It is a great design for both men (printed on a traditional tee shirt) and women (printed on a raglan sleeved shirt).  Crispin likes it, too!