As a Sew What Sales rep, recently I was contacted by the production team for music star Solange (sister of Beyonce). It was late on a Wednesday, and the production team was in a panic as they needed specialty soft goods to be delivered to New York City by the upcoming Monday, when Solange would be making an appearance on Live with Jimmy Fallon.

Originally the client asked us to digitally print artwork representing a variety of African prints and then sew the digitally printed pieces into stage skirts and backdrops. Unfortunately, the time crunch was too great for the production team – trying to create new artwork files (based on several image concepts) and get artist approval of the images in 24 hours just wasn’t possible.

So on to Plan B. On that Thursday, a production team representative made a quick run out to Downtown LA to select fabric in a variety of multi-colored cotton African-style prints. The fabric was then taken directly to a flameproofing company for rush treatment. We got the fabric from the flameproofers late Friday afternoon, our dedicated sewing staff came in on Saturday morning to manufacture the stage skirts and backdrops, and we handed the pieces off to our client by 1:00 pm Saturday to make a flight out to New York. The pieces made it to New York City in time for the show on Monday and looked great.

Sew What?, Inc. often handles last minute rushes for artist tours and special appearances such as these, and we appreciate the confidence our clients have in our premium products and service.

We aren’t always able to accommodate extreme rush projects such as this, but we always give it our best shot. I’m glad that we were able to come through for this project.